Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 9th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai asking Dhara again and again that where will she go after seven months. The pandit asks them to stand for the pheras and says the importance of the first four pheras that they will have to be truthful to each other and respect each other. Dhara is tensed. Parul asks Dhara to move ahead. Dhara thinks about jiten, Ketki and Dipika’s words and cries. She thinks of jai’s question and faints. Everyone rush to her saying Dhara……… Everyone are shocked. jai holds Dhara.

They make her lie and try to wake her up. Nanku asks what happened to her. They says we think her Bp became low, we should call the doctor. Rukmani says no need, let the air flow. Rukmani wakes up Dhara. Dhara gets up and sees everyone around her. Parul makes her have some lemon juice. She asks are you fine. Dhara says I m fine. The pandit says shall we start the pheras. Dhara says one minute, I have to say something. Rukmani says what is this, what do you have to say. Dhara says I have to talk to jai. jiten, Dipika and Ketki get worried.

Dhara asks Ansubaa can I talk to jai. Ansubaa says what is it. Dhara says I have hidden few things from him. Rukmani says this is too much, tell everything after the marriage. Dhara says I did not wish to hide anything from him, I can’t lie to him. Ketki is shocked. Dhara says I have to talk to him. jai says let her say, we should give her a chance. Rukmani agrees. Ansubaa says fine, take her to the room. jai asks Dhara what is it. He says do you need more money, where are you going after seven months.

Everyone are waiting for them. Rukmani says whats this, she went from the mandap. Ketki says this is not good, if Dhara tells jai about the marriage contract, what will jai do. Dhara tells jai that I will go away from your life after seven months, leaving this house. jai says why. She says your life is at risk only for seven months, so I m doing this marriage. He says whats this, is this a joke. He claps and says great Dhara, its a brilliant plan, you will marry to save me, then you will run away with the money. He taunts her.

He says who gave you the right to decide about my life, no one asked me whether I want to marry or not. He says this is not a joke. Dhara says I knew this would happen, so I have hidden this, but this is necessary. He says I don’t feel this is right, you are doing wrong, you are not doing a favor, you are insulting me by marrying me. He says what should I tell you, I hate you, I m taking your support to save myself, go from here. Dhara says listen to me. He says you don’t have any right to decide about my life, what will I tell to everyone. She says no need, they know everything. He is shocked.

He looks at Dhara and says what, it means Ansubaa, mum, dad, everyone knows about this? You all have cheated me. He says you have hidden such a big thing from me. Dhara says its not their mistake, I kept this condition infront of them, it was my decision. jai cries. Rukmani says why are everyone sitting quiet, what is happening, she asks Ansubaa are you hiding anything. Ansubaa says nothing. Rukmani is angry. Parul calms her down and says this is happening for jai’s good. Ketki is worried.

jai says enough Dhara, everyone forced me to agree. Everyone thinks I m a puppet and makes me turn as they wish, you all are playing with my emotions, I will end this game, and it will be such which you have not imagined. Dhara looks at him. He says fine Dhara, now lets play the game. He says come on Dhara, lets play marriage marriage. Dhara is shocked. He takes her with him outside. Everyone look at them. Rukmani asks whats happening, shall we proceed with marriage. jai asks the pandit to start the marriage rituals.

The pandit tells about the importance and promises to be made in individual pheras and starts chanting the mantras. They take the rounds while everyone throws the flowers on them. jai promises that he will never make Dhara upset. Everyone looks on. jai promises what the pandit says and takes the rounds holding Dhara’s hand. Dhara comes ahead and takes the rounds thinking she will stand infront of death when it comes to jai and always save jai. The pandit asks them to sit. jai taunts Dhara. Dipika looks on. jai fills the sindoor in Dhara’s Maang.

The marriage is completed. Parul welcomes them in the house and does the Grah Pravesh. Dhara enters the house with red marks. Parul says you have saved my son, thanks a lot. Dhara smiles and looks at jai.

jai talks to Dhara and says I want to give you a special gift. He ruins the room. Dhara is shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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