Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th March 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 8th March 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with ansubaa telling she will find out who is behind these duplicate jwellery and ketki’s husband calss out for ketki, and ketki walk in front of him and he drags her before ansubaa and he tells the person at fault is this ketki and gives her the proof, the bill of the duplicate jewllery.he says that she kept the jwellery and made duplicate ones for bharti.
Ansubaa in anger asks ketki if this is true, ketki remains silent so she asks again, ketki says yes and ansubaa slaps her. The full family is shocked.

Jay is shown sitting with is luggage in shaukat’s house, and shaukat comes with his ticket. Shaukat says don’t be sad, jay is angry and says that what will he tell ansubaa that he couldn’t full fill his promise of brining the money, the promise which he made to his mother that he would be a santa clause and bring happiness in everyone’s life, but he could not get any thing for her other than a return ticket to India. He feels bad that he broke ansubaa’s trust.

Ansubaa shouts at ketki and says she broke her trust and asks if her mom taught her this, and drags her towards bharti’s sasural people and tells them that she is the culprit and give whatever punishment she wants to her and not punish Bharti and let the marriage happen but Bharti’s sasural people tell that when there is a lot of fraud in the family, then they also cannot take the girl from the same family, and they are breaking this marriage.
She says that the sanskaar of vaishnav parivaar has been destroyed, ansuba is shattered and bharti’s dad begs them to stop but all the sasural people leave. Bharti is shocked and standing and bharti’s dad cries seeing them go away

Bhoomi’s asks the lawyer uncle for any other way, and he tells only green card holder can stay. Another option is there but in his case he is not sure if it will work, and nani asks what it is and he tells that if he marries a us citizen he can stay here witout visa. Bhoomi says that it’s not necessary if kishen loves any girl or not, but a girl can help him stay here.
Nani then calls out to bhoomi and bhoomi says that she wouls have understood who the girl is and she needs nani’s support, and bhoomi says that she will marry kishen. Nani is shocked and says but gayatri and bhoomi says that kishen lives for other and gaytri to satisfy her ego she is sending kishen out. Bhoomi says that he is s true person and she will support only truth and even give her life to support such a true person. Nani becomes emotional and gives her her ashirwaad.
Nani and bhoomi leave to go, and bhoomi suddenly thinks that kishen may misunderstand her that she is doing all this for herself to fulfil her dream. Nani comforts her telling that kishen will surely understand her and she tells bhoomi to hurry, and they have to return the lost smile of kishen. As the proceed to move out gayatri comes.

Gayatri asks what happened and from the time kishen went there is a silence in this house and asks bhoomi why she didn’t come to office today. Bhoomi says she was not in the mood. Bhoomi asks her that how can she fix her marriage with rammy, and throw kishen out of the country. She tells that she did the mistake and thanks gayatri that due to her bhoomi was able to realize the depth of her love for kishen, and Bhoomi tells gayatri that kishen is not alone, and her daughter bhoomi is with kishen and will support him, gayatri stares on and is very angry. Gayatri says that how can she support kishen. Gayatri says that kishen is not right for bhoomi, and says that till now she just removied him form the job, but if necessity arises then she can even take his life. Bhoomi is shocked.

PRECAP: Kishen confesses to bhoomi that he loves her very much.

Update Credit to: gunjan

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