Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th January 2014 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ketki talking to jiten about Dipika. She says I can understand what Dipika is going through. jiten says I can’t see Dipika sad. Dipika says I m ok. Ketki says jiten is right, you forget everything now and about Dhara, leave it on me, I know very well how to take care of her. She tells jiten that jai and Dipika will be together, and jai and Dhara will have hatred relation between them and I will plant hatred between them. Rukmani talks to everyone in the hall and asks everyone to accept her challenge in dance. She says Dhara and jai look made for each other.

Parul wishes the same, she wishes this seven month marriage become good and exist for seven births. Ansubaa says I understand everything, I regret I did not understand someone,

she looks at Dhara. Rukmani talks to Ansubaa in english. Ansubaa translates her english lines. Aarvi says jai and Dhara are Ram Sita. Rukmani says they are Krishna and Rukmani. Ansubaa says yes. They have a laugh. Ketki comes there. Rukmani blesses jai and Dhara. She calls Dhara to her and says you have brought happiness in this house after so many years, Bhoomi left us half way, but you promise me that you will always support jai.

Dhara is shocked. Everyone look at her. Rukmani asks what are you thinking. Ketki smiles. Dhara says I can just pray that jai gets a long life which has only happiness and only that happens in his life which is right for him and he never stays alone. Rukmani blesses her and says you have given a good reply. Aarvi says I want to say about Dhara. Dipika is sleeping in her room. jiten is watching her and says its very touch for Dipika to see jai’s marriage with Dhara, I have to take her with me for seven months.

Aarvi says I m very happy as I m getting Dhara as my Kaki, I always wanted to make her my Kaki and the Lord heard my prayers. Rukmani asks why. Aarvi says Dhara is very nice and takes care of everyone in this house. Aarvi asks Nanku to say the same. Nanku says yes, jai and Dhara will tell us stories. Rukmani and Parul ask Nanku to call jai his jija ji. Nanku goes to jai and hugs him. He says Dhara always tell me that I m like her dad, so I have to talk to you, Dhara is very nice, she will take care of you, will you also take care of her. jai says yes. Nanku says promise? jai promises. Everyone smile. Nanku says if you don’t take care then I will complain about him to Kishan ji. Everyone laughs.

Dhara and jai’s hands touches and music plays……… They look at each other. Dhara takes Nanku from jai. Hasmukh says can we go now. Everyone goes to their rooms. Ketki asks Aarvi and Nanku to go to their rooms and play there. Ketki has some plans against Dhara. Aarvi asks for her phone, but Ketki says its low on battery, take jai’s phone. Ketki smiles.

Ketki comes to Aarvi and Nanku in their room and sees them playing games on jai’s phone. She says keep the phone, have food now. She takes the phone and hides it. She says now I will keep this in Dhara’s room so that jai gets his marriage gift. jai is working and needs his phone. jai meets Ketki. She says your phone is with Nanku. He looks out for his phone by ringing on it. Ketki smiles. jai get his phone in Dhara’s room where Dhara and Nanku are sleeping and he also sees Rs 50 lakh cheque on Dhara’s name. He is shocked to see it. jai says Dhara has Rs. 50 lakhs, it means she is marrying me for money, really.

Dhara’s haldi is going on. Rukmani comes and stops everyone. Everyone look at her shocked. Rukmani says will you apply her haldi. Ansubaa says yes. Rukmani says call Dhara’s family. Nanku says we don’t have anyone in our family, we don’t have parents. Dhara cries. Rukmani says you are from jai’s side, lets divide this hall into two, one from jai’s side and one from Dhara’s side. Dhara gets happy and smiles. Rukmani says I m your Nani from today. Everyone smile. Komal says even I don’t have any sister, so shall I become Dhara’s sister. They tie a clothe between and partition the hall. Dhara looks on and smiles. Ansubaa says its very nice and asks Ketki to prepare two plats of haldi. Ketki says do you think jai will agree for haldi. Everyone thinks about jai.

jai and Dilip meet with an accident. Dhara’s bangles break at home and jai gets hurt.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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