Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Lily supporting Dhara which annoys Ketki. Ketki says Dhara should have found out whose earrings are these and she should have asked me. Ramila asks Ketki to calm down. Dipika says its Aarvi’s birthday, don’t scold her. Hasmukh says listen to Dipika atleast. They says lets go and cut the cake. Ketki brings the knife to cut the cake. Ramila says I understand what you are going through, but don’t punish Dhara for Dilip. She says Hasmukh will talk to Dilip. Ketki says Aarvi is celebrating her birthday without her dad. Ramila says yes, but its your duty to make her happy.

Ketki says I have always done my duty and will do this also. Ramila says thats why I told always that you are the best. Ramila says is everything fine between

you two. Ketki says yes, I got angry on him but maybe he is busy in work, so he did not come. Ketki says lets go and cut the cake. Ketki says I want jai and Dipika to cut the cake. Parul looks at Dhara. Everyone have a laugh. Aarvi calls Nanku and says you have to do something and tells him in his ears. Aarvi asks Dhara to come and stand with her. Dhara says no. Aarvi insists. Dhara says Aarvi, let me go.

Ketki calls Dipika. Nanku tells the plan to his friends. Dipika asks Aarvi to blow the candles. The kids blow out the balloons and Dipika gets afraid and moves away. Everyone sing happy birthday to you. Aarvi looks at Dipika and Dhara gives her the knife. Aarvi cuts the cake holding her hand. Ketki is shocked to see Dhara with jai. Parul smiles. Everyone claps for them. Aarvi smiles. Dhara looks at jai. Sajna Ve……. plays…………..

Ketki and Dipika look at each other. jai makes Aarvi eat the cake. Dhara smiles. He then makes Dhara eat the cake by his hands. She holds his hand imagining about him. He says Dhara, leave me hand and shouts on her. Dhara is out of her imagination and he says what are you doing. He says make Aarvi eat cake, take it. Everyone ask about Dilip. Ketki says he is busy in work. They question further. Ketki says he will be coming.

Ketki thinks Dilip did not come and now Dhara is giving her tension. Aarvi calls Ketki. Ketki is angry seeing Dhara with jai. Ketki leaves. Aarvi gets upset. jai hugs her. Ketki is in her room sitting with anger. She throws the pillow and it falls near Dipika. Dipika asks what happened. Ketki says I got insulted because of Dhara. Ketki says she took your place today. Dipika says its not like that. Ketki says she is very smart, be careful. Dipika says you are thinking wrong. Ketki says its too much now, I won’t bear her and will see her now. She goes out.

Aarvi asks jai where is her gift. jai says here it is. Aarvi says shall I open it. Dilip comes with a gift. Ramila asks where were you, Aarvi was waiting for you. Dilip says he got busy in work. He wishes Aarvi happy birthday and says sorry for coming late. Aarvi says I don’t want to talk to you and leaves.

Dilip goes after Aarvi. She says I won’t talk to you. He apologizes to her. He says I m sorry, forgive your dad. She says you don’t love me. He says I love you so much. His phone rings and Ketki comes and takes his phone. Aarvi is upset seeing her parents fight. Dilip says I had work in my office, Ketki does not listen to him. She says I know you don’t care about us, you don’t have time for me and Aarvi. He gets angry and says yes, I don’t have time for anyone. Aarvi cries. Dilip says go and tell everyone about this. Dilip leaves angrily.

Dhara sees their fight and says why was Dilip talking to Ketki like this. Dilip talks to jai and says I was busy in work. jai says see, how busy you are, your phone is ringing. Dilip says everything is fine. jai says why are you not giving time to them. Dilip says I m doing this for them. jai says show them that you care for them. Dilip says I got more work. jai says no one can replace you at home. He says you have to give them time.

Dhara comes to jai to call him for dinner. He asks did Aarvi have food. She says she is having food with Nanku in her room. She asks him to talk to Aarvi. jai says I spoke to Dilip. Dhara says you are really good. She says I mean you take care of everyone in the house and help everyone. He says even you do the same. She says I forgot to say you, he says what. She says thank you. He says for what. She says for the saree. He says if you did not wear it, Parul and Aarvi would have felt bad. He says you look good in saree.

She turns to see him and smiles. Sajna Ve…… plays……… He leaves. Dhara says I felt happy hearing this. Ketki hears all this and looks at Dhara.

Nanku and Aarvi are playing. jai and Dhara talk to them about riding bicycle.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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