Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th August 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 6th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the client calling off the contract and insults Dilip. Kishan says he is capable enough to do the business and says it was just a small mistake. Dilip is shocked while Kishan is angry on the client. Dilip says sorry to Kishan for the cancellation of the deal. Kishan says he can get many clients but not for the sake of you. Bhoomi asks why you brought this tray. Dilip says that the waiter went out and Bharti told him. So he thought to get the tray himself. Ansubaa praises Kishan and says nothing is bigger than relations. Whatever you did was right, we can get many other deals. Karsan agrees and tells Dilip that whatever happened was good. Hasmukh says but why the cold drink splash all over. Dilip says he talked to the waiter sumona and he said Bharti sent him to the market for getting the biscuits. Everyone gets surprised and shocked.

Bharti looks in the mirror and thinks of her plan succeeding and praises her. Bhoomi thinks about Dilip words that Bharti sent Sumona out to get the biscuits. She comes to Bharti’s room and says she is tensed after whatever happened in the office. She says she came to share with her, she sits and says they lost the deal because of a small mistake. She says mota bhai must not had brought the tray himself but he is not at fault either.

Bhoomi says you sent sumona for some work naa. Bharti says she sent him to get the salty biscuits. She makes an excuse and says I told him that I will get the tray inside but he said he will get it himself. She asks her to forget it and take rest. Bhoomi says she have to prepare the dinner and then she will take rest. She thinks Bhoomi might suspect her and plans to secure her future. She comes to Ankit’s room and both of them feels happy for Kishan’s defeat.

Kishan says he will make mota bhai understand that it was their win. Bhoomi says someone mixed something in the cold drink intentionally. She says her concerns with Kishan. Bharti tells Ankit that she is still an outsider and she have to become the part of the family to intiates the fight among the family members and shares her plan with Ankit which is muted for us.

Bhoomi says she is feeling that something bad is going to happen, Kishan says nothing will happen like that. Bhoomi prays that her fears didn’t come true. Bharti comes to Ansubaa’s room and starts crying. Ansubaa asks her the reason for her sadness and why she is crying. Ansubaa asks what happened? Bharti says she got a call from her Bapu and he wanted her to stay with him. She says she don’t want to go from here. Ansubaa says she will talk munim ji. Bharti says she is an outsider in people eyes. She says this family gave me life and happiness without any relation. I want to give this relation, a name so that the people don’t speak anything about my relation with this family. Ansubaa asks what is going on in your mind. She cries, turns around and and says I want to become the daughter in law of this house.

She says there was a time when you wished me to marry Kishan, She says now she wants to marry Ankit. Ansubaa gets shocked to the core. Bhoomi holy bangles gets breaks while she was trying to close the door. Bharti makes Ansubaa remember about her promise that she will give her whatever she asks for. She says I replied you that I will ask when the right time comes. She says accept me as the bahu of this house. Heavy wind comes and the kaal song plays in the BG. Bharti says please connect me with this house. Bhoomi’s one of the bangles gets breaks and she thinks about the Maha rishi words. Ansubaa is speechless with Bharti’d demand, while at the other end Bhoomi is teary eyed looking at the piece of bangle. Kishan comes to his room and sees Bhoomi in a tensed state with a bangle piece in her hand. He asks what happened? Bhoomi cries and shows him the bangle piece. The episode ends on her shocked face.

Ansubaa tells Bharti that she will come to the decision after talking with Ankit and her family. Bhoomi tells Kishan that someone is there in their house who wants to break the family secretly.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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