Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara getting an idea seeing the diyas. She asks everyone to give her ten minutes and requests them to go to their rooms during this time. Parul asks why. Dhara says you will know it in ten mins. Ketki is annoyed and says I will see what she does in ten mins. They leave and Dhara smiles. She sees Kishan ji and starts working. She comes to her room and takes the diyas. She prepares the diyas. Aarvi and Nanku comes and Nanku says can we help you. Dhara says yes. They help her. Dilip talks to someone on phone and says the electrician can’t come. Ketki says the guests will come anytime, how we will manage in darkness. Ramila says Dhara will do something, don’t worry.

Ramila praises Ketki and Ketki smiles. Ketki says who will see us even if we get ready. Dhara lights the diyas. Ansubaa asks where is jai, he went somewhere. Parul says he will come, he knows the guests are coming to meet you. Parul tells Ansubaa that Dhara needs ten mins, she wants to being light and till then we have to sit here. Ansubaa says don’t you think you trusts Dhara a lot, and about power, we will tell the guests about the short circuit. Ansubaa says lets go out and sit in the hall. Ketki says its ten mins over now, lets go. Hasmukh, Karsan and Dilip also come there.

Everyone are happy to see the house full of diyas. Ansubaa and everyone smiles. Parul says so many diyas. Ansubaa says its true diwali. Parul praises Dhara and says you did great work. Dhara says I will come back by keeping this diya and leaves. Everyone look happy. The guests starts coming and asks Dhara where is Ansubaa. She says she is inside. jai comes talking on phone. Dhara prays infront of the tulsi plant. Everyone greets the guests and wishes them happy diwali. Ansubaa welcomes them and the guests are happy to see so many diyas. Ketki says its because of Dhara. The guests say about Ram and Sita and like the decorations.

She says only Ram and Sita are needed. She says see here they come. jai enters the house with Dhara. Everyone look at jai and Dhara. jai is amazed to see the diyas. Parul thinks that Dhara is the one who brought change in jai. She smiles seeing them. The guests say they are like Ram and Sita, she asks Ansubaa you made jai’s proposal with her. Ansubaa says no, she is a maid, jai and Dhara are not related. They are not like Ram and Sita. Parul says its the Lord’s wish, maybe the Lord wants to convey something.

Ansubaa tells the guests that they also want jai to get married to the one who can take Bhoomi’s place. jai looks at Dhara. Ramila and everyone see Dhara with Bhoomi’s photo and jai looking at Dhara. Music plays….. They have an eyelock and Dhara leaves. Ramila says Dhara has done a great work by lighting the house with diyas. Parul says I think of Bhoomi seeing Dhara and see their names mean the same. Ansubaa says what Parul, what do you think, lets go for the puja now. She asks Parul not to praise Dhara much. Parul asks Ketki is the prasad ready. Dhara comes and says yes. Everyone does the puja. Om jai Laxmi Mata…. plays….

The puja ends. At Chandrika’s house, Komal is doing the puja and everyone are celebrating diwali with crackers. Komal gets worried by the sounds. She is scared and the aarti plate falls. Chandrika cares for her and scolds Paritosh and asks him to come inside the house. Chandrika slaps Paritosh. He looks at her shocked. Vilas comes. Chandrika says its because of you, Komal would have died. Komal looks at him. Paritosh says you insulted me infront of my friends. Chandrika says what friends, she tells them that Paritosh lost to Dhara. She taunts Paritosh of his failure.

The guests praise Dhara and her hand made prasad. Hasmukh asks Ansubaa shall we gift the guests now. Ansubaa says yes. Dilip asks who made the prasad, Ketki says I did not make it, is it not good. Dilip says its very good, can I get some more. Dhara smiles. Ketki says everyone are praising Dhara, its time to show her real place. She asks Dhara to do some work. Dhara meets jai and he thanks her for decorating Bhoomi and giving her respect. She says who told you this, I decorated her photo because she also used to decorate the house like this, he says yes, very beautifully and with love. He says not only this house, but also our life’s every moment with love and her sweet smile. He says she made every moment beautiful. He starts crying and says Bhoomi used to love festivals. Dhara asks then why don’t you like festivals. jai looks on.

Ketki scolds Dhara and Nanku and calls them servants.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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