Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bharti saying that it is difficult to break the family and for that she have to become a part of the family. She looks at the family photo and smirks evilly. At the dinning table, Bhoomi serves kheer to Hasmukh and all. Dilip says he have a good news and says they will get a contract for the mill. Everyone is happy. Dilip says they wanted to meet the MD of our company, and right now the seat is vacant. We have to select our MD today itself. Ansubaa agrees but Karsan says how can we do in such a short span of time. Hasmukh says Karsan to select the MD, but Ankit speaks against it. Dilip says if they don’t have a meeting with our MD, then we will not get the contract. Karsan says ok, and announces Kishan as a new MD. While everyone is happy,

Kishan is tensed. Dilip asks him to smile.

Hasmukh and Ketki gives a fake smile while Bharti is annoyed. Ansubaa tells Kishan to accept the position. Kishan accepts the position of the MD, everyone claps, Ketki is irked. Parul tells Ansubaa whether we shall give the house responsibilities to Bhoomi, Ansubaa agrees. Ketki is very much annoyed now. Ansubaa prays to Dwarkhadeesh and says their wealth is in their hands now. Ansubaa handover the keys to Bhoomi and hugs her. Ankit gets angry and doesn’t say anything.

Kishan is busy in his work, Bhoomi asks him to choose between her and her souton that’s work. Kishan suggests her to accompany him to the office. Bhoomi says never. He says he wants her to help him. He holds her hand and she says if I decide to join you then what will be my salary. They both smile and hug each other. Dilip and Karsan greets the client and he asks him who is the MD of the company of you both. Kishan introduces himself as the MD of the company. The client asks Dilip to stay out. Kishan introduces Bhoomi as the chief designer. Kishan says his mota bhai is important for the meeting.

Dilip tells Kishan to go ahead for the meeting. Ketki, Ramila and Bharti looks at them from far. Bharti adds that why Dilip bhai didn’t go inside for the meeting.She instigates Ketki against Kishan. Ketki says she knew it would have happened now. Ketki says Kishan showed his true colors after becoming the MD. Ramila asks her not to think too much and says she will talk to Dilip herself. She asks Dilip why you didn’t go for the meeting. He replies that the client wants to have the meeting with the MD only and Kishan and Bhoomi will take care of the meeting. Bharti smirks and thinks she got a chance to break the family unity.

Bharti comes to the waiter and tells him to get salty biscuits from the market. She sends him out so that Dilip have to do the waiter part. She mixes something in the soft drink. Dilip comes and asks what are you doing here. Dilip asks for the waiter, She says he might have went out. She manages to send him inside holding the tray as a waiter. Ramila and Ketki is shocked to see Dilip holding the tray as a waiter. Ketki tells Ramila that Kishan made him a waiter in a day. Evil bharti smirks at her plan.

The clients gets impressed with Bhoomi’s designs. Dilip comes with the tray and struggles to open the soft drink but because of something in it kept by Bharti, it splashes on the clients and the designs. The clients bashes him and says don’t do any work if you can’t do it properly. Kishan and Bhoomi is shocked. He tells Kishan that you told me that he contributed to the business, but tags him as useless. Kishan loses his cool and says he is well deserved for the business and says he is capable enough to do the business. Kishan says it was just a mistake. The clients breaks the deal. The episode ends.

Bhoomi tells Bharti that mota bhai must not have taken the tray for the client. She asks Bharti that you send the waiter out then why you said mota bhai that you didn’t know about his whereabouts. Bharti is at a loss of answer.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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