Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th April 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar….Dharohar Apnon Ki 5th April 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with ketki taunting bharti that every day she is putting garlad for the god, but god has forgotten to give her a chance to wear one(indirectly meaning the her marriage) and even tells that both the kishen(god and jay) are not in her destiny. Bharti then tells ketki that if she hadn’t dreamt for the golden chain then she(bharti) would have gotten married by now. Ketki feels insulted and plans to do something.
All the family members are in the puja ghar waiting for jay and bhoomi, ansubaa looks at the time, and hasu says that kishen’s wife is not interested in praying, and hasu tells that they should start before the mahurat goes away, but parul stops hasu and tells

them that still they have 10 mins left and kishen will surely come. At that moment jay and bhoomi arrive, parul then tells them to come, and ansubaa tells bhoomi will do the aarthi. Bhoomi is shocked, and all have a worried expression.
Jay then tells all of a sudden, how can she do the aarthi, and ansubaa tells that yesterday only she said that in these 9 days she will take 9 tests of bhoomi, and its only been 24 hrs since she said this and they have forgotten.
Ansubaa then declares her 1st test- where the daughter-in-law takes care of all the household chores. Ansubaa then tells that it’s a small responsibility of singing the krishen stuti, and if she is not able to sing it then she has failed in her 1st test.
Kishen then tries to defend bhoomi telling that she has been brought up in US, but ansubaa cuts him and says that since she is from US she has to take the tests of bhoomi. If it was someone from India then this would have not been necessary.
Ansubaa then tells to kishen that he has faith in bhoomi, that she can be the wife and daughter-in-law of this house, then why is he getting scared. Parul then tells ansubaa to give her some time. Ansubaa then tells that she had given more time to bhoomi that any of the other DIL’s of this house, as the DIL’s enter the house only after singing the krishen stuti and kicking the kalash and also adds that she is not forcing bhoomi, but if bhoomi is unable to sing the krishen stuti then bhoomi has to accept in front of everyone that she dosen’t know any of this, and has failed in the 1st test.
Ansubaa then tells that its only 1 minute till 6.30 and they have to decide fast, and hasu tells that still half a minute is left and within this time, only a miracle can happen, where she will remember the krishen stuti all of a sudden and start singing. Ansubaa smirks and bhoomi is tensed. Ansubaa then tells that they have always sang the stuti in the brahma muhurat and asks kishen to tell bhoomi to accept defeat so they can start with the pooja. Bhoomi then clutches the kishen chain given by her nani and everyone pray for some miracle to happen and boomi should be able to sing,
Bhoomi then remembers her nani singing and starts singing the stuti, and gets stuck halfway. Ansubaa is shocked listening to her sing, and then taunts her saying that if she takes a long time to recollect the next part of the stuti, then her prayer is considered halfway, then jay completes the stuti for bhoomi.
Ansubaa then tells her that bhoomi started of well but was not able to complete it, and parul tells ansubaa atleast bhoomi tried, but ansuba cuts her off and says that even she is trying to accept bharthi as her DIL.
On the other hand hasu thinks that whatever bhoomi does ansubaa is not going to let her pass in the test and says jai ho ansubaa ka.
Jay then tells that he understands that singing the stuti was a part of bhoomi’s test, and that it will take time for her, so he tells her that he will sing the stuti for today. But ansuba but him of and tells that if bhoomi is feeling hungry then she only had to eat, like wise many such obstacles will come in life where she has to do thing alone and she will not be able to do it, and then will he keep doing everything for her.
Then Ansubaa tells that since bhoomi was not able to even sing the stuti, she will also not be able to do the aarthi and tells bharti to do the aarthi. All are shocked and bharti goes to do the aarthi. Bhaarti sings aaore, and towards the end of the song jay thinks that leaving his mother, kaki, phui, why did ansuba choose bharti to do the aarthi and something is there which everyone are hiding from him.
Episode ends.

Bhoomi tells bharti that her nani used to tell that if they want something with their heart then they will definitely get it, and asks bharti to teach her kishen stuti, and maybe she will not be able to sing as well as her, but atleast by singing that she can get a bit of bharthi’s kishenji….

Update Credit to: gunjan_77

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