Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai promising Parul that he won’t get angry on anyone from now on. He asks her to have food. Parul and Karsan are happy. Karsan says even jai is hungry, make him eat too. Dhara sees this and is happy. She cries with happiness. The next morning, Paritosh is very much angry thinking how jai has insulted him by beating him infront of everyone. Vilas and Chandrika see him cutting trees in anger. Chandrika brings haldi for him to apply on his wounds.

He says let these wounds be fresh, because it will remind me of jai and I can give him more wounds like this. Komal is happy that everyone say she will rule in the house but thinks no one is seeing her. She gets hurt by the wood and Chandrika comes running in concern. She asks Vilas to bring ice for her. Chandrika scolds Paritosh and says its your foolishness, we did not tell you to attack Dhara. Chandrika takes care of Komal and she is happy. Chandrika asks Vilas to take care of Komal and
asks Komal to take rest and she will make something fresh and nice for her.

Vilas asks Komal to rest. Chandrika asks what happened. Komal says he was saying…. Vilas says nothing, I m taking care of her. He asks her to go to the room. Komal is really happy thinking of the service she is getting in her pregnancy. She says Chandrika Maai is worried about me and now Vilas too, I will show them my real power. She smiles. Dhara tells Parul you don’t worry, I will be back soon. She says I have to light one diya at my house. She says I will come back as soon as I light the diya. jai comes and says you won’t go anywhere, if anyone attacks you then what, who will save you, now that my hands are tied by someone, he looks at Parul and says your Kishan ji won’t do anything.

Parul says let her go. He says no need. Dhara says what should I do now. Parul says jai is right, don’t go home today, there is no one whom I can send with you. Ketki is working in the kitchen.
Dhara comes there and says sorry Kishan ji, this year I did not light up the diyas at home. Ketki scolds Dhara for misplacing the things in the kitchen. Dhara apologizes and says I will make the halwa. Ketki says I will make the halwa as I make the prasad in every diwali and its distributed in the whole village, everyone praises the halwa made by me.

She says I m the bahurani of this house, how can I give this work to you. Ramila comes and asks Ketki when will the prasad get ready. Ketki says very soon, you go and get ready, I will come after you. Aarvi is playing in her room and Nanku comes to her. They play together and laugh. They run and play in the hall. They spoil the whole area. Dhara smells the halwa and praises Ketki. Ketki says I make everything well and my mum always praises me. Ketki asks Dhara to keep the vegetables and flour ready. Ketki falls and shouts Nanku, what did you do, you made the prasad fall. Everyone come there and Ketki says see what Nanku did. Ketki is angry. Dhara is shocked.

Dhara scolds Nanku and asks him to apologize to Ketki. Ketki says did you not see what he did. She asks Nanku from where did he get the bottle. Aarvi says I gave him the bottle. Parul says leave it now, Ketki says the prasad has fallen. Ramila says what will we do now. Ketki says I will make the prasad again. Parul says you have to be in the puja. Dhara says you all go, I will make the prasad and send it by someone. Ketki says but… Ketki asks Dhara to make the halwa and clean the house that Nanku has spoiled. Dhara agrees.

Ketki asks Dhara to clean everything by water. She scolds Nanku. Dhara sees the bulbs and asks do I have to clean this by water. Ketki says yes. Everyone leave for the puja.
Dhara says Nanku has made my work hard. She cleans the house by water. Nanku helps her. She cleans the bulbs and tubes by water. She tells Nanku see the bulbs are still fine. Nanku says maybe its water proof. Dhara tries to spell water proof but can’t. Nanku tries to teach her. Everyone come back home and says Dhara has cleaned the house well. Ketki says really well.

Dhara comes with water. Hasmukh tells Dhara that someone is going to come to meet Ansubaa, so do the arrangements. Ansubaa says why is the lights off and asks Parul to light it. Dilip says I will do and it gets short circuit. Ansubaa asks how did this happen. Dilip sees water in the bulbs holders. He tells everyone about the water. Ansubaa says how can this be. Nanku says Dhara and I have washed the bulbs with water. Everyone look at Dhara shocked.

Ketki asks Dhara what did you do. Dhara says you asked me to wash everything by water. Ketki says you are a fool. She says even Aarvi knows bulbs are not washed by water. Dhara says you told me. Aarvi says Dhara is right, she asked you and you said yes. Parul says we have to make the lights fine, call the electrician. Dilip says where will we get the electrician now. Ketki scolds Dhara. Ansubaa says its diwali today and our house is in darkness. Hasmukh asks Ansubaa not to worry. Ketki says the guests will come, what will they think. She blames Dhara for it and gets angry. She says Dhara always does something or the other. Parul says we agree she did a mistake, but she did not do it purposely. Dhara is tensed and see the diyas and gets an idea. She smiles.

Dhara lights the house by diyas. Everyone are happy. The guests praises the decorations and jai enters with Dhara.

Update Credit to: Amena Hasan

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