Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 4th June 2013 Written Update

episode begins wid bhoomi showing da recording of amrutlal to everyone.kishan tells inspector dat now u got da evidence now whom u r gonna arrest.but amrutlal aims hasmuk wid pistol.inspector warns amrutlal but he tells dat dont try to stop me i wont regret dat if i die today but i wont leave hasmuk.all r shocked.bhjoomi n kishan save hasmuk n police areest amrutlal.
kishan tells amrutlal to understand dat he can burn da mill but he cant break dem as dey r united together.den police takes away amrutlal.labours praises kishan n congrats ansuba dat due to kishan dere dream, came true.
all luk at hasmuk wid disguisting luk.kishan praises bhoomi n ask how she got da recording hen mob wasnt working but she tells dat just nothing i used blow dryer to

dry da mob n due to dat mob started working again.kishan again praises her.ansuba calls BAHU RANI to bhoomi on mic n all r happy.but ketki n hasmuk r not happy. ansubaa calls her n give her blessings n hug her.parul ask ansuba did u accepted bhoomi n she says yep i did.
ansuba praises bhoomi n accept her infront of everyone.n tells dat she proved by her gud qualities dat she deserves to be my DIL n accept her infront of everyone.kishan tells ansuba dat it tym to reopen da mill.hasmuk is scared dat if ansuba sees me den wat ll she do so better i ask 4 forgiveness.but ansuba refuses to 4give him.n all r shocked.kishan try to pacify hasmuk but ansuba refuse to listen.

ansuba disowns hasmuk.hasmuk ask 4 one chance but ansuba slaps him.

hasmuk tells ansuba tell beat me as much as u can but just listen me once.but asnuba refuses but still hasmuk tells dat i was real needed money not 4 myself but 4 ramila’s health i had to do dis.ramila is suffering 4m heart prob.i wouldnt have told dis to anyone now also but when all r blaming me i ha to tell u.all r shocked even ramila’s shocked.but hasmuk is faking

hasmuk tells everyone dat doc told me dat if in one yr she dont get treatment she wont lyf.n i never thought dat our mill ll ever reopen but due to kishan’s hardwork mill is reopening again.kishan ask yy he never told us b4 but hasmuk tells dat i got scared dat if i tell u ppl u ll go n tell ramila.den all try to convince ansuba.n kishan tells dat its hasmuk only who got recording also soo he was was in need so we can 4give him.
ansuba tells hasmuk dat if he was in need of money soo much he should have told her but he didnt but coz he was general so due to dat i 4give u.

mill opens n ansubaa tells i wont enter first its coz of kishan n bhoomi dat we r able to open da mill soo dey r gonna enter da mill first n kishan n bhoomi r entering da mill..

Update Credit to: sirjee

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