Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th April 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 30th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara saying I love you Jai. Jai is very happy and they smile. Chandrika plans with Jiten against Ansubaa and says don’t know Ansubaa’s fate that she gets saved everytime, and how did they arrange Rs 50 crores. Chandrika says they think they won the game, but no, they will not be saved. Jiten asks what will you do. She says I will tell when the time comes, but now I will go to her home and talk to her face to face. Hasmukh is happy and says it looks like a dream. Everyone are happy. Chandrika comes with a servant and greets everyone. Everyone are shocked to see her. Chandrika smiles and says I came to know about your accident, I got worried and I came running, I heard this haveli was going and then got saved. Hasmukh asks her to stop acting and leave.

Chandrika says I will ruin this family, I will win in the sarpanch elections and you all will lose. She says once I become the sarpanch then…… Jai asks her to stop it, as he will not be quiet if she says anything against Ansubaa, do whatever you can. Chandrika says I will see everyone. Chandrika leaves. Jai says I saw this man somewhere. Hasmukh asks Ansubaa not to worry.

Jai comes to his room and Dhara asks him not to be angry because of Chandrika. Jai says no, its not that, I m thinking about the man who came with her, I saw him somewhere. Dhara says he might be from our village. He says I saw him two three days before. She asks where. He thinks and recollects that he was the tempo driver who tried to kill Ansubaa. He tells Dhara. Dhara is shocked. Jai says I will not leave him. He leaves. Jiten and Chandrika plan against Vaishnav family. Jai comes there and says its not easy to ruin the Vaishnav family. He brings police with him. Chandrika is shocked. Jiten asks you here. Jai says this is the man who tried to kill Ansubaa.

The inspector asks the man why he did this. Hitesh is also there and hides. The man says I m sorry, I did this as I was told. The police arrests Chandrika and Jiten. Jai is shocked to see Hitesh there. he says don’t take him, he is family. Jai asks Hitesh not to bend his head infront of him as the family will decide about him. Jai tells everyone Hitesh’s truth and everyone are shocked. Lily and Avni are ashamed. Jai asks Avni to punish Hitesh or let him free. Hitesh falls in Lily’s feet and asks them to give him one last chance and forgive him.

Lily asks Jai can we give him one chance. Avni says one min. Avni asks for Jai’s phone. She calls police station and tells them that Hitesh did all the stealing at their home. Hitesh is shocked. She asks the police to come and arrest Hitesh. Everyone cry. Avni runs to her room. Dhara goes after her. Everyone pacify Lily. Lily says what will happen of my Avni. Ansubaa says don’t worry about her, she will be happy with us in this house and join her brothers in the mill. Parul says yes, she can live her life by her wish. Avni says yes, your daughter is not weak. Dhara says yes, its not Avni’s mistake and she should not be punished, we have to make her strong by supporting her.

Avni tells Ansubaa that she will work in the mill and takes Ansubaa’s blessings. Jai and Dhara come and greet Ansubaa. Ansubaa says we wish every family get a son and bahu like you. Some villagers come and asks Ansubaa what is the announcement. Ansubaa says yes, I want Dhara to stand in the sarpanch elections this time. Everyone smile. Dhara says how will I manage this, I m not educated. Ansubaa says I know, but you have life experience and I think you will manage well. Jai says there is no age for studies, you can study with the women of the village. Dhara smiles.

Dhara does the aarti and the whole family stands behind her. Dhara thinks about Murli. Aao re saware……………plays……………….Murli talks to everyone and says the power of Lord. He tells the power of Sanskaar. He says its more than money, value Sanskaar more than money.

The show ended…..

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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