Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd September 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd September 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kishan and Bhoomi cleaning the premises (backyard). Dilip helps them, but Ramila asks him to let Kishan and Bhoomi do their work. Kishan is about to slip but Dilip holds him. He says I didn’t able to help you but I never let you fall. Bharti instigates Ramila against Kishan. Ramila tells Kishan that you are not seperating from us and I will take my kids and leave this house, then I will show you what is meant by Separation. Parul asks Ramila to stop. Kishan says he will do everything and no one should come to them. No one should enter their place, nor talk to them. No one should have any relations with me or Bhoomi. Kishan angrily takes the paint, marks the line and says no one should come to them by crossing this line even if he is dead. Everyone is shocked.

Ketki tells to Lily that she prepared so many dishes and kheer for dinner. Parul says you shouldn’t have prepared the sweets as Kishan and Bhoomi left home. Ketki says she prepared the sweets every year one day before Dilip’s birthday and she has not done anything wrong. Bharti smirks. Ketki says she kept quiet all this while but she won’t keep quiet. She determines to become the bahu rani of the house. Parul looks at Bhoomi who is struggling to lit the stove, Parul thinks what will Kishan and Bhoomi eat. Kishan asks Bhoomi, how you will lit the stove. Bhoomi cleverly asks for his help. Kishan asks her to make rotis and he will cut the vegetables.

Lily fayi says, she I go and give kheer to Kishan. Parul says we shall become their strength and pray to God to help them. Kishan cuts the veggies while Bhoomi prepares the roti. Parul and Lily looks at them smilingly and with tears rolling down their cheeks. Ramila asks Lily to come for dinner. While all the family sits to have the dinner, Ansubaa and Parul looks sad. Bhoomi says we didn’t prepare any sweets. Kishan and Bhoomi go to the lord idol and prays. Ketki tells Dilip to have kheer but he declines to eat. Ansubaa, Karsan, Parul and Dilip leaves without eating anything.

Ketki wonders that all the family members are sad that Bhoomi and Kishan left home. They are remorsing as if they have died. She tells Dilip that she knows that he is sad but she is there for him and for the rest. Dilip says if you are the good bahu then you should have keep them united. Dilip says one day you will repent. Kishan says my Bhoomi lived a luxurious life in US and now she is sleeping on the floor because of me. Suddenly it starts raining, Kishan says he will repair the roof tomorrow. Kishan sees Avni and asks her to stop. Bhoomi asks her where you are going so late in the night. Avni says you both are punished because of me. You are thrown out because of me. I will not live here. Bhoomi asks where you will go? Avni says she will die.

Bhoomi and Kishan are shocked. Bhoomi says are you mad, you should not feel guilty with whatever happened with us. It is our destiny. Avni says everyone is sad. Kishan says you are repenting now naa. Bhoomi asks her to correct her mistakes and win their hearts. Kishan asks her to be strong. Avni says sorry. Kishan says you have to tie Rakhi to me. Kishan gives her wooden piece and she ties the rakhi with it. Kishan gives her money. Avni is teary eyed.

Ramila asks Parul to give the house keys to her daughter in law, Ketki. Parul take out the keys and is about to give it to ketki, just then Ankit comes with Bharti with garlands on their neck and asks Parul to stop. It seems Ankit have married Bharti and wants Parul to give the keys to Bharti.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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