Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 2nd November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Parul angrily asking jai to come along with her to Paritosh’s home and kill him. Everyone are shocked. She says what will happen to us if anything would have happened to you. jai says I would have died. jai tells that he couldn’t his anger. jai leaves. Parul tells Ansubaa that she knows what to do, and says she is jai’s mother and knows how to deal with him. She says she won’t eat until jai couldn’t control his anger. Aarvi and Nanku are speaking with each other. aarvi gives him cookies and asks to eat it. She says we will play with my toys.

Dhara recalls Jai and smiles. Jai comes and asks Dhara to give water. Dhara is lost in thought. She touches his chest and spoils jai’s shirt. She says I will clean your clothes. Jai asks her to give water for drinking. Dhara asks him to remove the shirt and give it to her for cleaning. Jai leaves the kitchen. Dhara says she is saved from his anger.

Dhara asks Nanku, what you asks from Kishanji. Nanku says he asked for this room for them for forever. Dhara says it is not good to asks for someone else room. Nanku tells her to let Kishan ji decide. Dhara agrees.

Dilip tells Hasmukh that kaka stopped Kishan today else don’t know what could have happen. Hasmukh says he talked with the police to get the police station. Hasmukh says he will see Paritosh if he did it again. Ramila tells that Jai did wrong and he have to control his anger. She says he didn’t agree to Parul bhabhi’s words today. Ketki says no, kaki didn’t have food.

Karsan asks Parul to eat anything. But she doesn’t want to eat. Parul tells him that she knows that his anger is getting worse for the bad. She says Bhoomi went 6 years back but he didn’t able to cope up with her loss. Parul says Jai has to change else he would lose me. Karsan says he will talk to him and is sure that jai will listen to him. Parul says if Jai wants me to stay alive then he have to control his anger until then I won’t eat and drink anything.

Jai knocks on Dhara’s room and asks her to come to the kitchen as he couldn’t find anything. Dhara agrees and goes with him to the kitchen. Jai and Dhara bumps into each other in the darkness. Jai tells her that he needs food for his mother Parul. Dhara makes the rotis and heat the dal and sabzi on the low flame. Dhara tells Jai to put ghee on the roti. Jai leaves.

Jai comes to Parul room and asks her to eat the food. Parul says she isn’t feeling hungry. Karsan asks her to eat as well. Parul says she won’t eat. Jai says today is Diwali and you don’t be hungry on this festive day. Parul says it doesn’t matter to her. Jai urges her to eat anything. Parul says she won’t eat anything or drink and will sit in the closed room. Jai asks what is this stubborness? Parul asks him to promise her that he will never raise his hand on Vilas and Paritosh despite them doing the bad things. Karsan asks Jai to promise her. Jai promises her. Parul again says the same thing that he will never raise his hand on Vilas and Paritosh. Jai swears on her and says he won’t raise his hand. Karsan smiles.

Dhara says she will go and come. Jai tells her not to go anywhere and says who will save you if anything happens to you. My hand is cuffed by someone and looks on tensed. Dhara too looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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