Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 28th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aarvi asking Dhara whether she likes jai, Parul hears this. Dhara says what are you saying. Aarvi says you acted as if you were drinking tea, it means what? Dhara says it does not mean I like him. Parul smiles. Dhara comes to jai with the candle and looks at him. She sees he is sweating and blows on his face. Sajna Ve…. plays…. jai looks at her. The power comes and jai asks what was this. She says I brought a candle for you, I saw the sweat and was blowing air. She says sorry and leaves. jai is puzzled seeing her behavior. Dipika is happy about Ketki’s words regarding jai. Dhara is thinking about Aarvi’s words and smiles thinking about jai.

Both of them bump into each other and apologize to each other. Aarvi calls Dhara for helping her. Dhara asks Dipika call me if you need anything. Dipika says nice girl, don’t know why Ketki does not like her. Ketki tries to talk to Dilip about jai. She says I was thinking… He gets msgs on his phone and does not listen to her. She says he does not have time for me. She looks at Bhoomi’s photo and talks to her saying I know you will understand me. Did you see Dipika, she is exactly like you. She says Dipiki is best for jai. She says now help me in making Dipika jai’s wife and this house’s bahurani.

She gets an idea and praises herself. Dhara helps Aarvi in drawing. She says I have work in kitchen now. Parul sees Dhara and says I can see Bhoomi in Dhara. She thinks of asking someone about it. She thinks of talking to Aarvi about it. Dhara talks to Parul and says I was helping Aarvi in drawing, I will wind up my work in kitchen and sleep. Parul comes to Aarvi and says can I help you. Aarvi says yes. Aarvi says Dhara has made a good drawing. Parul asks Aarvi’s opinion about Dhara. Parul says I know Dhara is very nice. Parul says do you know anything about her. Aarvi says she loves toys and Kishan ji. Aarvi says Dhara likes jai. Parul smiles and says so Dhara likes jai, do one thing, will make her your Kaki. Aarvi says happy, but how will you make her. Parul says we both will make her, will you support me. Aarvi says yes.

Parul says we will convince the whole family and then Dhara and jai. Aarvi says can I call her Dhara Kaki. Parul says yes, after some days, and don’t tell this to anyone. Aarvi says this is a mission. Aarvi says we will talk in code words. Parul laughs. The next morning, Dhara is singing Govind bolo…. She sees jai with Dipika. She says we can go to jogging together. jai agrees and smiles. Dipika says thanks you smiled. She says I have to go for jogging now and says I don’t forgive people who break their promise. He says I won’t, we will go together. Dhara says it means jai is starting his life again. jai asks what happened. He asks her for tea. Dhara goes to bring it.

jai says she is strange. Dhara thinks about jai, she thinks what it might be, did he really agree to me. She says why am I feeling bad seeing Dipika with him. Ketki is thinking about Dipika and jai. Dhara comes to her and Ketki scolds her. Dhara says I was helping you. Dhara says jai wants tea. Ketki says I will give him, you do your work. Dhara says give him breakfast also. Ansubaa asks Ketki where is my spects, find it, I want to read newspaper. Ketki finds it and hides it thinking its a good chance to prove Dipika is like Bhoomi. She wants Dipika to impress Ansubaa.

Ketki waits for Dipika. She comes and Ketki is very happy. Ketki says sit here, the tea is ready. Ansubaa asks Ketki to find the specs. Ketki says I will find it in your room. Ketki says Dipika will read the newspaper for you. Ansubaa says no, let her rest. Dipika says I will read it for you. Ketki says read it Dipika. Dipika says its Gujarati, I don’t know how to read it. Ansubaa smiles. Ketki thinks what to do.

Dipika says I will read the english newspaper for you. Ansubaa says I don’t know english. Dipika says I will translate it for you. jai comes and asks for tea. Ketki gives Dhara’s wrong impression to jai. Dipika smiles seeing jai. Ketki is happy seeing them together. Dipika gives some news to Ansubaa. Dhara comes there and sits with Lily. Dhara asks whats Dipika doing. Lily says she is reading the newspaper from mobile. Lily praises Bhoomi. Ansubaa understands english and translates it. Dipika says how do you know english. Ansubaa says i know a little, Bhoomi taught me. Dipika says I will complete the remaining work which Bhoomi left. jai and Dhara look at her. Ketki smiles and gets happy. Ansubaa is happy with Dipika and says I won’t stop you. She says Bhoomi always wanted me to learn english.

Dipika and Dhara bump into each other and apologize. Dhara says our way is same.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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