Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with everyone meeting some girls for jai. They don’t like the girls as the girls don;t have the qualities they are looking for. The days passes by and Ansubaa tells Parul that the girl looks good in saree. The girl says will it be good if I don’t wear the saree. The girl removes the saree infront of them and shows her western clothes. Everyone are shocked and run. They meet another girl. Parul talks to Aarvi and says jai will be married soon. Aarvi says no one is like Bhoomi, where will we get such girl. Karsan says we will get soon.

Parul prays to the Lord and says we have seen many girls for jai, but no one is like Bhoomi. She says Dhara is like Bhoomi in every aspect, even their names mean the same. She says it looks like Dhara will be able to take care of jai, I will talk to Karsan in two days and then to everyone, I hope everyone agrees with this. Some girl comes there in a car and looks at the Ansubaa’s house and smiles. Dhara sees her and stops her. She is about to fall but jai holds her. Dhara is shocked and says now jai will be angry on me.

jai scolds Dhara and is happy to see the girl. He says what a pleasant surprise. He says I m seeing you after a long time. He says you are Ketki’s sister and my good friend. She says you did not call me since years. He says why did you come. She says I came here on vacation. He says its good, all fine. She says you are not looking fine, what happened. He says I m fine. She says you know when we can faces. He says whats written on my face. She says that you learnt to be formal. He says nothing like that. She says then why do I feel like I m talking to someone else. Parul and Hasmukh are happy to see Dipika.

She greets them and says bless me. I stay abroad but I m indian by heart. Her dad comes and greets Hasmukh. They have a laugh. Parul calls Ketki. Ketki is shocked and happy to see them. Ketki talks to her sister. Dipika says I came to surprise you and hugs her. Parul asks them to come inside and asks Ketki to show her room. Ketki asks Dhara to bring Dipika’s bag. Dipika’s dad asks jai will you work eith us, on our project. Hasmukh says we are starting a new business with jiten.

Dipika is happy to see her room and likes it. Ketki says yes, you did not change. Dipika says I m Gujarati by heart, I did not forgot my values. Dhara comes and Ketki asks where is the bag. Dhara brings tea and snacks for her. Dipika thanks Dhara. Ketki scolds Dhara. Dipika likes the food and Dhara tells her the recipe. Dipika says enough, its good if I ask you to make. She introduces herself to Dhara and Ketki’s cousin. Dhara says I work here. Ketki says go and bring her bag now. Dhara leaves. Dipika says what happened, why were you talking to her like this. Ketki says she is a clever servant, beware.

jiten talks to Dilip and asks are the papers ready. Dilip says everything is ready. Dilip gets someone’s messages and Hasmukh and jai looks at him. Dilip gets tensed. Hasmukh says Dilip, whats the problem in your mobile, it rings many times between work. Dhara comes to Aarvi and Nanku and closes the tv. She asks them to study. Aarvi says five mins. Dhara says i will tell this to jai, come on study. Ketki shows some sarees to Dipika. She likes them. Ketki asks what will you have in breakfast. Dipika says I m thinking to skip the dinner. Ketki says Lily and Parul are making the dinner especially about you. Dipika asks what happened to jai, why is he so serious.

Ketki says he is quiet after he lost Bhoomi, she was pregnant but she met with an accident. Dipika says so jai is left alone. Ketki says he agreed to marry again and we are looking a girl like Bhoomi. Dipika says don’t hurry up, find a good girl who can understand jai. Ketki looks at Dipika and thinks she is like Bhoomi. She smiles. Dipika says what happened. Ketki says I was thinking you are similar to Bhoomi. Ketki says jai agreed for marriage, and even you have to marry, if you say, shall I talk about you. Dipika is stunned and says hold on. Ketki says you both know each other. Dipika says its not necessary that jai likes me.

Ketki says I will be happy to see you married to jai. Dipika says control. Ketki says I got my answer. Aarvi praises Dhara and Nanku is happy. Dhara bring milk and snacks for them. jai comes and talks to Dhara. He says I will have tea if Dhara makes it. Dhara looks at him. Dhara makes tea for him and music plays….. He says no, its for you, you have it, make it later for me. She says its much, you can have it. He says sure. She says yes, take it. The tea ends. Aarvi sees Dhara. Dhara thinks what will I do now, the tea ended. She starts acting infront of jai as if she got tea and is drinking it. The power goes and jai says I will check the fuse. Dhara says I will light the candle.

Everyone discuss about power failure. Parul says it will come soon. She says I will go and check the kids. Aarvi asks jai when will the power come. jai goes to check Aarvi stops Dhara and asks you like jai, right. Parul hears this and smiles.

Ketki talks to Bhoomi and says Dipika is best for jai.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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