Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 27th August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Ramila saying that you can’t stop this partition. Parul asks her to stop and says partition because of the small issue. Ramila says this partition will happen. Hasmukh claps and tells Ramila that your brain is spoiled. You loved Kishan more and now you are blaming him. Ramila says she realised that who is her’s and who is not. Hasmukh says his thinking was wrong and now yours? Ramila says she is right and is asking for her children’s right. Hasmukh says you will lose this family and try to make her understand. Ramila says you didn’t get any rights in this house. Ramila says her heart is shattered by this family. Mayank agrees with Ramila and says it is better for Avni to keep away from Kishan and Bhoomi. Ansubaa cries and feels

miserable. Bharti smirks and says now it is my turn. Bharti says you are right and now I can’t tolerate anymore but please don’t do the partition. She says she can’t see Ansubaa in pain. She says she wants to be part of the entire family and our unity is our strength, don’t break it. Ketki is shocked while Bhoomi is stunned to see Bharti’s acting. Ramila says Bharti is concerned about this family and Bhoomi don’t care for her family. She tells Kishan that Ansubaa gave him the authority to decide about the family and your decision will show, whether you decide for yourself or for you entire family. Kishan is teary eyed, while the Sanskaar sad song plays in the BG.

Ankit tells Bharti that why you did this to Avni. Bharti says nothing had happened to Avni as she was unconscious. Bharti says it was needed to make you great infront of everyone and to make Bhoomi fall in everyone’s eyes. Ankit says I faced a slap from Kishan bhai. Bharti says you are very close to the MD seat and we will take the revenge from Kishan.
Parul cries and says every family had their share of fights but partition? Karsan says he will make Ramila understand that partition is not the solution. Parul says if she don’t agree then.. Karsan says then nobody will be able to save this family. Bharti eyes Ansubaa’s photo and tears it with hatred. Ansubaa talks with her husband’s photo and asks him to give her strength to stop this. Meanwhile Bharti tears Mayank, Lily and Avni’s pics. Mayank tells Lily that he will never forgive Bhoomi. Bharti then tears Ramila and Hasmukh’s photo. She then tears everyone pics one by one. Ketki tells her family that whatever maa did was right. Ankit says bhabhi is right, we have to fight for our rights. Dilip says this is not right, we have to be capable to get the rights. Ramila says she is doing the right thing. evil bharti cuts kishan and Bhoomi’s photo and eyes them.

Bhoomi comes to Kishan and says don’t you think whatever Ramila kaki said was not her thoughts. She says now I am convinced that Bharti is behind all this. Kishan says I request you to stop this nonsense. Bhoomi says Bharti is the one who trapped Ankit and Akshay is with Bharti. Bhoomi says, why Ankit was not there, when they reached the place where Avni was. She says Bharti is taking revenge on them. Kishan says their family is breaking. Bhoomi says Bharti is responsible. Kishan says we are responsible for everything, Kaki is right. I hurt everyone and we are the one who breaks the family. Evil Bharti lits Kishan and Bhoomi’s photo on fire and eyes it with hatred. Kishan talks with his dadaji’s photo and says sorry for unable to keep his family united. He asks for forgiveness. Ansubaa says you didn’t do anything wrong. She says don’t blame yourself. Whatever happened today, didn’t happened before. She says I faced similar situation and at this suffering moment, we shall think wise. She says Dwarkhadeesh will give you a thread with which you can make our family united.

Karsan says Bhoomi didn’t do any mistake. Mayank says Bhoomi did a sin. Lily asks Mayank not to talk with Karsan in that tone. Mayank says because he is not blaming Bhoomi. Lily says mota bhai loves Avni as her daughter, but Mayank says he is concerned about his daughter in law only. Lily asks him what you did for your daughter? She says why you didn’t give her values and fulfilled my responsibilties towards her. Lily says you are not a responsible father and says whether you asks to shares her likes and dislikes with us. Mayank gets angry and is about to slap Lily. Karsan holds his hand.

Mayank says until Bhoomi is in the house, his daughter’s future is not secure. He says Bhoomi or his daughter will stay in the house and tells Kishan to decide between his wife and sister.


Update Credit to: H_hasan

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