Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th December 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 26th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara asking Parul and Ansubaa to give her some time to think. Dipika meets Animesh and says jai is her husband and the coming seven months are critical for him. Animesh asks her about her medicines. Dipika talks only about jai. Animesh senses she is very much worried and feels strange. Dipika says can I meet jai. Animesh says fine, you can meet him, but don’t talk much. Dipika says I m his wife, I will go and meet him. Animesh calls jiten.

She comes to see jai. Dipika thinks about Guru ji’s words and thinks if jai is not hers, he can’t be anyone else’s. She sits by his side and looks at him. Dhara is thinking about Parul’s and Ansubaa’s words. She gets hurt in the kitchen. Ketki taunts her. Ketki says your dream will end when the seven months complete, your marriage with jai will only be a compromise. Ketki says it will be only like you are now, a maid. Ketki scolds her. Dhara is hurt. Ketki says don’t forget this truth that you are only a maid in this house. Ketki leaves. Dhara cries.

Dipika is losing her temper. Jai opens his eyes and she becomes calm. He talks to her and says whenever I open my eyes, I see only you. She says don’t worry, this won’t happen again. Animesh talks to jiten about Dipika’s problem and asks him to take care of Dipika. Jiten says I know, the things are affecting her. Animesh asks him to take Dipika away. Jiten says yes, I will take her away from here tomorrow. Animesh says Dipika is with jai, I could not stop her. Jiten is shocked.

Jiten says Dipika told you everything. Animesh says what. Jiten says that her relation with jai has broken off. Animesh says what and goes to see jai. Animesh and jiten are shocked to see jai missing. Ansubaa and Ramila are talking about Dhara. Ramila says what will we do if she says no. Dhara comes there and everyone looks at her. They stop Dhara and ask her about her decision. Parul says say yes and become my jai’s wife, will you marry jai. Jai comes there and says I will give the reply to this question. Everyone are shocked to see jai.

Jai says I won’t marry Dhara. Dipika brings jai with her. Jai says I won’t marry Dhara ever, what may be the result. Everyone are shocked. Dhara looks on. Parul says what are you saying. jai says I know everything, I don’t believe in all this. He says it was a coincidence that I fell off, you can’t make me marry to Dhara. jai gets head ache and everyone care for him. Ansubaa asks him to think again with a peaceful mind. He says the decision is over, you promised that you will get me married to Dipika, how can you do injustice with Dipika, this is wrong, I won’t do wrong with Dipika, I promised her, I will marry only Dipika.

Dipiki thinks now I will see how do I don’t get married to jai. jiten comes and is relieved seeing jai at home. jai says I can’t play with Dhara’s life. He asks Ansubaa how could you do this. He says you forgot in my love about Dipika. He says its my last decision, I won’t marry Dhara. Dhara cries. Dipika cares for jai. Dipika says we will talk about this later. Dipika says I would not have let him come home if I knew his reaction, I m sorry. jai says why are you sorry, I would have not known this if Dipika did not tell me. Dipika takes jai with her to his room. Ketki smiles.

Dipika takes care of jai. jai gets up and is hurt. She overreacts and goes to bring water. jiten stops Dipika and asks where are you going. He says come with me, I need to talk to you. She asks what. jiten asks her to pack her bag as we are going back from here as Nani maa is not well and she wants to meet her. Dipika is tensed and says lets go fast. He says we are not coming back here, she asks why. He says we will talk about this later. She starts packing her bag and gets into a split personality and speaks Gujarati.

jiten sees her and is shocked. She says I will marry only jai and I will kill everyone who comes in between me and jai. Dipika says who has thrown these clothes and acts normal. She again slips into another personality and reacts dangerous. Dhara is in her room crying thinking about jai’s words. She talks to Kishan ji and says what did you do. Parul hears Dhara tallking to Kishan ji. She prays for jai and Parul smiles. Parul says even I want jao to be safe so I want you to marry jai and maybe the Lord also want this.

Everyone talk to jai about his and Dhara’s marriage. jai says I don’t believe in all this, I won’t marrry Dhara. Parul says even Dipika’s life will be at risk if you marry her. Parul asks him to marry Dhara as its only her who can save him. jai says I don’t believe in this prediction.

Dipika talks to Dhara and asks do you want to marry jai. Dhara says no. Dipika says jai is mine and will marry me, so forget him.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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