Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th July 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Kishan trying to get the bottle to free himself, Meanwhile two of the goons catches Dilip and beats him. Kishan slips with the chair to get the bottle somehow. The goondas tied Dilip onto the chair and again beats him. Kishan succeeds at last. Two goondas comes back and finds Kishan missing. They search for him and gets him. Kishan fights with them and emerges as a winner. He rescues Dilip who informs him that Bhoomi is in Amritlal’s house and he heard about compromising with their family prestige. He tells Kishan to find Bhoomi before Amritlal thinks to do anything with Bhoomi. Kishan says he will go there and asks Dilip to come with the Police there. They tied the goondas with the rope.

Bhoomi tells Ankit to think something to save

the mill and this haveli instead of biting the nails. Ankit says what he can do. She gives him some idea to save the mill and haveli. Hasmukh thinks he have to do something. Ankit comes to Hasmukh and says he wants to save this mill and their haveli anyhow. He says they will make a call as Kidnappers, changing his voice and asks Ansubaa to give them the papers today night and we will asks Ansubaa to send the papers by Hasmukh. He says Ansubaa will give away the papers to them without thinking anything. Hasmukh says after coming back, what will I reply to ansubaa. Ankit asks him to act infront of Ansubaa. He says let the kidnappers do whatever they want with Kishan and Bhoomi. Hasmukh gets happy with his plan and praises him. Hasmukh asks him from where he got this idea.

Ankit changes the topic and says let make a call. Bharti looks at them. Ankit says he will make a call to kaka from new sim card. Hasmukh says my dreams are big than Kishan’s life. Hasmukh asks him to talk to Karsan. Ansubaa and lily fayi sits beside the ailing parul. Karsan says we should inform the Police, but Ansubaa says they can’t take risk with Kishan and bhoomi’s lives. She says tomorrow morning they will give papers to the kidnappers and gets their children back. Ansubaa asks him to call Dilip. Karsan gets a call from Ankit, who acts as a Kidnappers and asks them to get the papers today night. He asks Karsan to send the papers with Hasmukh Vaishnav. Karsan tells lily to call hasmukh.

Kishan and Dilip tied the goons and leaves. The goondas calls Amritlal and informs him about Kishan and Dilip escape. he says they are coming there to get the girl. Amritlal tells his helper to keep the girl in his car and they will go to Mumbai now itself. He says he will not let her go. Ansubaa gives the papers to Hasmukh and asks him to take it safely. She asks him to give the papers to the kidnappers and bring her bahu and Kishan safely. Hasmukh says these papers will reach in safe hands. Hasmukh pretends to be caring towards Kishan and Bhoomi. He says if need arise they he will sell himself. he takes her blessings and leaves. Ansubaa is in thoughts about his fake concern.

Amritlal comes to Bhoomi and says your husband came to save you. He says your husband is also in my custody now, Bhoomi gets tensed. He says he will take her to Mumbai and will dump her there so that Kishan isn’t able to find her all his life. Bhoomi says she won’t go, he slaps her and her bangles breaks. She pick a piece of bangle and write Mumbai on the wall. Amritlal doesn’t see it and takes her forcibly with him. Bhoomi’s chain and pendant falls there.

Ansubaa asks Ankit to call Hasmukh, Ankit gets tensed. Ansubaa asks him again to call Hasmukh. Bharti pretends to sneeze to divert Ansubaa’s attention and signs ankit to read her sms. Ankit reads her sms which reads do as Ansubaa says. Ankit calls Hasmukh and puts the call on the loudspeaker. He asks him whether he will give the papers to the kidnappers. Hasmukh says no, he wont part away with the papers and will keep it safely with him. Ansubaa gets shocked. Karsan leaves. Hasmukh tells him why he is asking him. Ankit says how can you do such a thing with the family. how can you cheat our family. Hasmukh says he is doing for his betterment. Bharti smiles at her plan. When Hasmukh was about to spill the beans that it was indeed your idea, Ankit cuts him off that how you got such a cheap idea and didn’t you value Kishan and Bhoomi’s lives. Ankit asks him not to do like this or else he will not be able to trust him. Bharti smiles evily looking at Ankit, who has fallen in her trap.

Karsan and Ansubaa catches Hasmukh outside their house. Ansubaa bashes him and says she feels sad to give birth to him. Ansubaa and Karsan leaves from there and Hasmukh slaps himself for his failed plan. Kishan enters Amritlal’s house and finds Bhoomi’s chain, pendant and a pieces of bangles. Kishan comes to conclusion that Bhoomi was right there. Dilip enters with the police, Kishan shows him Bhoomi’s ornaments and says bhoomi left some clue and finds Mumbai written on the wall. He gets shocked and says Mumbai. The episode ends on his shocked face.

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