Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara getting the supari and going ahead in the mandir. Dipika is tensed and jiten sees her and asks her to go home and take rest. He says I know you love jai, but we have to be practical, go home. Dipika says I m fine. jiten says you are not ok, everyone are here, you ccan ho. Dipika gets angry and shouts on his dad. jai is being treated at the hospital. Dipika scolds jiten and says I won’t go anywhere till jai gets well. jiten gets worried seeing her. jai is still being treated by the doctors in the operation theatre. jai’s pulses drop and his heart beat goes blank.

Dhara is still doing climbing the stairs on her knees and chanting. Guru ji is praying for jai. The doctors try to revive jai by shocks. Dhara comes inside

the mandir and completes the tapasya. Dhara, Parul and Karsan pray for jai. The doctor says no response. Dhara does the puja. jai gets conscious. Guru ji opens his eyes. The doctor is shocked to see jai’s beating normal and says this is a miracle, jai is breathing and responding. The doctor informs everyone that jai is fine now and the operation was successful.

Everyone are happy and thank the Lord. Dipika tells jiten that jai is out of danger. Dipika thanks her friend infront of everyone. Everyone look at her. Dipika cries and says you have saved jai. Hasmukh thanks the doctor and says you have saved our jai and gave him life. The doctor says we lost jai but something happened and he got his breath, maybe its with the blessings. He says it was a miracle. Guru ji is happy. Ansubaa asks Hasmukh to call Parul and Karsan and give them this good news. Hasmukh calls them and informs that jai is fine now. Karsan is happy.

Karsan thanks the Lord and says Dhara won. He tells this to Parul and Dhara. They get happy and smile. Dhara cries. Parul thanks Dhara for doing this and hugs her. Parul says its because of you. Dhara says no, its because of the Lord. Parul thanks the Lord. Ansubaa comes to see jai and Dipika thanks her friend again for saving jai. Hasmukh gives some gifts to him saying our kids got this for you. Ansubaa tells Dipika today we got jai back because of you. She says if you did not call the doctor at right time, this would have not happened.

Ansubaa wishes that jai does not get hurt again. Hasmukh asks her not to worry. Ramila says lets go home and have rest, then we will come back. Ansubaa agrees. Dipika says can I stay here with jai. Ansubaa says I know you are eager to talk to him, but the doctor said jai won’t be conscious till morning. Dipika is angry and looks at her dad.

Ansubaa asks Hasmukh did you tell Karsan about jai. Hasmukh says yes. Dipika brings food for everyone saying Ketki is busy with Aarvi. Hasmukh tells Dilip called and said the doctor asked any one family member to be with jai and Dilip will stay there. Dipika is angry. Ansubaa asks Dipika to have food with them. Dipika says I m not hungry. Ansubaa says you did not eat anything. Dipika says even jai did not eat anything in ICU, I will eat with him tomorrow. Ansubaa insists. Dipika says don’t worry about me and leaves.

Ramila says I will see her and goes after Dipika. jiten says don’t worry, she is like this only, she is emotional. She says I will explain her. Ansubaa tells Hasmukh that jai did not have anyone in his life for six years, but I think Dipika will take Bhoomi’s place and will take good care of jai. Ramila comes to Dipika and brings food for her. Ramila asks her to have food and sleep. Dipika eats. Ramila leaves. Ramila tells jiten that I want to ask about Dipika. She says Ketki have always praised Dipika. Ramila says but I m seeing that she looks tensed. She says is everything fine.

jiten says maybe she has accepted jai as her husband so she is getting more emotional. Ramila says yes and leaves. jiten says jai will be fine, but Dipika………….. Its morning, everyone comes to see jai in the hospital. jai opens his eyes and looks ate everyone. Dipika is happy and says jai, thanks god, I wanted you to see me first. Ansubaa blesses jai. Ansubaa is happy and Dipika tells jai that everyone were tensed about him and she called her friend who did his operation. Ansubaa says jai needs rest now. jai asks for water. Dipika gives him water and makes him drink with spoon.

jai asks about Parul. Parul comes with Dhara and Karsan. Ansubaa asks Dhara are you fine, sit here. Parul talks to jai and kisses his hand. Dhara looks at jai. Parul says you scared us all, she says you are fine today only because of Dhara. Dipika hears this and gets angry. Parul says Dhara got very much hurt but still she brought life for you. jiten praises Dipika. Parul looks at Dipika. Dipika says what do you mean by saying Dhara saved his life. Parul says Dhara did what Guru ji said. Parul tells her what Dhara did. She praises Dhara. jai looks at Dhara. Everyone smile.

Guru ji says jai is still in risk zone for seven months. Parul asks for the solution. Guru ji says only Dhara can save jai. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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