Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th April 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 24th April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Parul and Ramila teasing and pulling Jai’s leg. Jai gets fooled as they joke with him. Parul says we will help him. They laugh on him. Ansubaa asks them not to tease Jai, as she is with him, she will help him. Jai smiles. Ansubaa says Jai wants to cook for Dhara, we should help them. Parul guides Jai how to cook. Jai makes the good. Everyone smile seeing him happy. Jai comes to Dhara with the food and asks him to have the breakfast. She says it smells great, lets see the taste. He says it will be nice, taste it. She tastes it and its very bad. He asks how is it. She says very nice. He says I will also eat. She says no I will eat. He tastes it and is shocked. He says what is this, I have not added salt, you lied to me that its good. She says its good as you have put efforts.

He says you should have told me. She says no, you have made it with love. Its sweet like Sheera and it does not need salt. Jai and Dhara smile having an eyelock.Jai teaches Dhara good morning. He says you will say good morning to me every day. She smiles and nods yes. Chandrika says now everyone are supporting me, Ansubaa will not win the elections and I am standing against her. She says now I will see how she wins this challenge. Everyone have dinner together. Hasmukh jokes about Jai cooking for Dhara. Everyone smile and tell its Jai. Hasmukh laughs. Jai says don’t start again. Ramila asks Hasmukh did he make anything for her till now. Hasmukh jokes and says Dhara eats less and you eat a lot. Everyone laughs.

Hitesh thinks they are serving me at last, I will rule over this house after supporting Jiten. Hasmukh gets a call from someone. He tells everyone that Chandrika is standing against Ansubaa but we will not let her win. Ansubaa says don’t worry, everyone loves us and we will win. Ketki says I have taken care of Dhara. Jai says I asked Dhara not to come here. Hasmukh jokes. Parul goes to see Dhara. Dhara learns good morning. Parul hears it and says great. Dhara says its hard and I learnt only one work. Parul says you will learn everything, we all trust you.

She brings butter milk for her and says Jai is a good teacher. She teases Dhara and Dhara gets shy. Dhara says here everyone are my teachers. She says I m very lucky that I got a chance to be this house’s bahu. Parul says I m lucky to have a daughter like you. Dhara touches her feet. Parul asks her not to bend in this state and her place is in her heart, not feet. She kisses her forehead and Dhara smiles.

Dhara asks Jai, why he is tensed? Parul asks Jai to say what is the thing? Jai is worried about Chandrika. Dhara and Parul assure that she won’t become Sarpanch. Jai says, she can go to any length to become Sarpanch. He says, she can hurt Ansubaa. Dhara says, it can’t happen. Parul asks Dhara, why she is tensed? She is tensed. Parul assures her saying everything will be fine.

She asks her to have faith on Dwarkhadeesh. Village people say that they won’t let Chandrika win and assures their support for Ansubaa. Avni opens the cupboard and finds a bundle of notes. She gets shocked and worried. She wonders from where did he get the money. Hitesh comes and says it is my hard earned money. He asks her, who are you to question me. You don’t respect me like your family. Avni says, you are doing the wrong thing and threatens to tell the truth to everyone. Hitesh says, do as you think but you compelled me to steal the money and silver coins.

He is shocked to see Ramila hearing their conversation. Hitesh tells Hasmukh that he didn’t do the stealing. Hasmukh says, Ramila heard with her own ears. Hitesh asks Avni to tell the truth. Avni says, Hitesh is the one who is behind the stealing. She says, I kept quiet but reality is that he is workless. She says, his eyes are on our property and money. She says, you thought him great, but he don’t deserve it. Hasmukh asks, why you steal the money. Jai says, we would have given you 20 lakhs if you have asked us. Avni apologizes to everyone on Hitesh’s behalf. Ansubaa says, your doings are not forgiveable.

Mamaji talks to Hitesh and threatens to send Dhara out of the house.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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