Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st April 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st April 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 21st April 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Jai coming out of Dhara’s ward. Parul and Ansubaa are shocked to see his feet wounded. Parul goes to meet Dhara and takes care of her. Ansubaa comes and sees Dhara sleeping. Dhara wakes up and smiles seeing her. Everyone at home are happy as Dhara is coming home. Ketki smiles. Jai holds Dhara and Dhara feels weak. Jai supports her. He asks her to walk slowly. Jai brings Dhara home. Lily says see they came. Everyone smile and welcome them. Ansubaa says stop. Everyone are shocked and looks at her. Ansubaa comes to them and says Parul, Dhara will not step in this house. Ramila asks why, what are you saying. Ansubaa says don’t look at me, Parul Ramila, I have always done Grah Pravesh. its time for you to do it now. Everyone smile.

Ansubaa says welcome Dhara by doing the Grah Pravesh. Ansubaa says Dhara has got a new life and fought with death, go and brings Kumkum plate. Parul says I forgot, Dhara has made this marriage a love one. Everyone smile. They do the Grah Pravesh. Sanskaar ye dharohar apnon ki hai……………… plays………………. Parul welcomes them inside. Parul thinks how Dhara came in their house the first time. Ketki feels ashamed. Dhara meets everyone. She greets Ketki too. Ketki says I lost thi right, don’t do this. Ketki apologizes to her. Dhara says no need, forget everything. Ansubaa asks Hasmukh what did you think about Dipika. Hasmukh says Dipika is kept in mental hospital as her mental condition is not fine. Dilip asks him not to take the case back.

Jiten comes to meet them. Everyone are shocked to see him. He says my daughter did a big mistake, but you have don’t do the case, it will be a big favor. Hasmukh says how can you say this, you have hidden it from us, why did you not do her treatment, she shot Dhara, and you want us to be quiet. Jai says if you told me before, I would have explained her as a friend. Jiten apologizes to them and says I was quiet seeing her love for you, she wanted to marry you. Hasmukh says you are responsible for all this and we will case on Dipika. Jiten says think again, it won’t be good. Hasmukh says it can be worst than this.

Jiten says your family can get ruined. He says you have forgot our contract, if you don’t agree to me, I will break this contract. Everyone are shocked. Jiten says you all will come on roads. Dilip says great, you showed your true face. Dilip says we are not afraid of you. Hasmukh says we will case on Dipika. Jiten says you all will have to pay for this. Jiten leaves angrily. Ansubaa says Jai, take me to Dhara. She asks Hasmukh to think about Dipika. She leaves. Hasmukh says Dilip lets go to police station. Hitesh asks what other complain. Hasmukh tells about the thefts at home. Hitesh gets worried. Hasmukh and Dilip leave. Hitesh thinks my plan will fail if he complains.

Parul takes care of Dhara. Ansubaa tells about her Mannat and says Dhara and you have to sit in the havan puja. Jai says yes I will sit. Everyone are happy. Ansubaa says it means you will sit. Jai says yes, I will sit in the puja. He says tell me when we have to keep it. Jai says tomorrow. Everyone smile. Ansubaa asks Parul to come with her to the temple. Dhara says I will help you, I m fine. Ansubaa says take rest and leaves. Jai talks to Dhara. They have an eyelock. He says I agreed for the puja, you are thinking about it right, I believe in Kishan ji now. She smiles. He says I lost to Lord, I was afraid thinking I will lose you. He says Kishan ji gave me my Dhara back. He kisses her hand. Music plays…………….

She says you have hurt your feet because of me. He says you also hurt your knees to save me, its equal now. Jai smiles. Ansubaa thinks where to find Murli. Murli appears infront of her and says I m here with you. Hare murari. hari bol bol……………. plays…………… Ansubaa is surprised to see him suddenly. He says even the Lord would have told the same. He says you missed me from heart and see we met. He asks what is the matter. Ansubaa tells him the good news. She says like you said that happened. Dhara is very happy now. Murli says I know. She asks how.

He says your face is showing happiness. Ansubaa says yes, their marriage is for life time now, their love won. Murli says its the victory of Dharm. He says truth won at last. She says when I lost, you inspired me, you are also responsible for our happiness, so I want you to come in Kishan ji’s puja. He says I will come if you make good bhog, I like Rabri. She says I will make it. He says then I will come. Ansubaa says come for sure, bye. She leaves happily. Murli smiles.

The inspector talks to Hasmukh and says we have got the culprit, its Hitesh. Everyone are shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena_Hasan

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