Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 20th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara talking to Kishan’s idol and asking him to come for help. She says he will come for himself and to end the bad things and to keep the Dharm intact. jai says why will he come. Dhara says he will come for sure. Someone comes riding a bullock cart and Hari bol bol…… plays…. Its the Kishan ji in human avatar. He smiles while riding the cart and Dhara and jai looks at him. Paritosh also looks at them. The man smiles looking at Dhara and jai and says any problem. Dhara tells him that they have to go far and they have to bring the idols to the mandir. jai says I m jai, and that mandir is ours. He says how to explain you. He says I understood, its yours and his. jai asks who are you. He says I m Murli.

Dhara is happy. jai asks why are you happy. Dhara says its happiness, I was praying to Kishan ji and Kishan ji has sent Murli. She smiles. jai says she is mad, will you help us or not. He says how can I tell her no, come and sit, I have to go to my home. Dhara says thanks. She says Kishan ji has sent this for us. She says we will keep the idols in his cart. jai says now I will see who will stop us. Paritosh laughs and says you will go in this cart and that too so far. Murli replies to him and says we will reach on time. Paritosh laughs. jai thanks Murli. Mruli says humans should help each other. jai speaks against the Lord.

jai says the Lord does not come to help us. Murli says the Lord can be in human form and you won’t know. jai says we hear such stories. Dhara says yes, I agree and thanks Kishan ji. Murli smiles. jai says lets go now. Murli says what about Paritosh. jai says we have to take him with us. They start the car and proceed for the village. Chandrika looks at the clock and says Kishan ji won’t come and this mandir won’t be saved.

Ansubaa is praying to the Lord. She gets emotional and cries. She rings the bell of the mandir. Chandrika looks at Ansubaa and her family while they are preparing for doing the aarti. The panchayat and the villagers look at them. Dhara talks to Murli and he says I will drop you on time. Dhara says I wish this cart flies and we get there on time. Murli drives faster and says we will be there. Paritosh laughs. Ansubaa is still ringing the bells in the mandir. Blood comes out of her house. Dhara tells jai that don’t worry, maybe Kishan ji wants to be in the mandir before sunset. The cart stops. Dhara says what will we do now.

jai asks what happened. Murli smiles. Paritosh laughs. Murli and jai see the stones on the road. Dhara wishes to Kishan ji. jai says don’t take Kishan ji’s name, the problems are increasing. Murli says its not like that, else no one will keep their kid’s name on Kishan ji. jai says ask your Kishan ji to come and remove these stones. jai says we will go to hisghway and take lift. Dhara says if we don’t get lift then.

Everyone are shocked to see Ansubaa and look at the clock. Karsan goes with the panchayat. Murli says lets go. Dhara and jai says the stones. Murli says I removed it, once I have lifted the mountain with my finger. jai says Kishan ji lifted it, not you. Murli smiles. Dhara is happy. Murli says shall we fly now and drives the cart. Chandrika says why are we waiting now, ask Ansubaa to come back here from the mandir and stop this drama. I won’t stop after the sunset. The panchayat asks Karsan to explain this to Ansubaa. Chandrika says only 10 mins left now. Hasmukh says things can’t change in one sec, miracle can happen. Chandrika says lets see what miracle saves the mandir.

Murli looks at the sun and proceeds for the village. Murli says jai, learn bending, then you will won, you have to see many games. Everyone are crying in the mandir seeing Ansubaa. Ansubaa faints. They hold her. Chandrika says this time Ansubaa’s drama won’t work. I will break this mandir. Parul makes Ansubaa drink water. Chandrika says only 5 mins left now Hasmukh, and no miracle. Parul tells Ansubaa lets go down. Ansubaa cries and says will this mandir really break. She says Bhoomi made this mandir by Shraddha and she says if this mandir breaks, our trust will also break. The cart stops again. jai and Dhara asks why did you stop. Murli says its time for me to eat anything. Paritosh laughs.

jai gets angry. Murli says don’t worry, we will go there. Karsan and Parul tell Ansubaa lets go down and stand. Chandrika says only two mins left now. Chandrika smiles. jai tells Murli can’t you eat food later. Murli says let me have curd and rice now, then we will proceed. Everyone are tensed at the mandir. Paritosh tells Murli have food, its good. Chandrika counts the seconds. jai says we don’t have time. Murli says the time will stop. The clock stops. Everyone are shocked to see the clock stopping. Hari bol bol…… plays…… Murli smiles. Chandrika looks at the watch. The sunset also stops. Murli smiles.

Chandrika says only 90 secs left now. jai and Dhara are on the way.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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