Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 1st August 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 1st August 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 1st August 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Bhoomi who is about to faint, but Kishan holds her at the right time. Bhoomi says she is ok. Kishan says you are not ok and asks her not to go for Puja. Bhoomi says she will do the puja. Kishan says you will compromise with your health for the puja. He says how can you fast for 5 days. Bhoomi says Ansubaa asks him to do the Puja. Kishan says nothing is important than her health, so you will not keep the wrath and not do the puja. He says it is my order. Bhoomi says I will not listen to you and says she is keeping this wrath for him as he is very important for her. Kishan says he will talk to everyone about it.

The family members gets busy in organising the things for the puja. Bharti comes and says she didn’t keep the wrath. Parul

asks her to do it with faith. Bharti says she didn’t want to see the dream which will break anyway. Parul consoles Ramila. Kishan informs Parul that Bhoomi will not come for the Puja. Parul asks did she agreed. Kishan says he asks her to take rest as she is unwell. I make her understand. Parul smiles and looks at Bhoomi and shows her to Kishan. Bhoomi comes and Lily fayi praises her beauty. Kishan says I asked you naa not to go. Parul says we are with her naa, we will take care of her. Bhoomi says it is the first puja after marriage.

Karsan comes to Ansubaa, Ansubaa is busy in getting ready, she tells him to look after Hasmukh as he takes so much time to get ready. Ansubaa realises her concern for Hasmukh. Karsan and Kishan is shocked. Bharti tells her that Hasmukh kaka is fasting in the mandir. Kishan asks Ansubaa to forgive him as Ramila kaki is bearing his punishments. Ansubaa says lets go to mandir.

All the family members come to the mandir, some people starts gossiping about Bhoomi’s kidnapping and look at her. Ramila sees Hasmukh and rushes to him. All the family members follows her, Ramila says she will sit here with him and fast along with him. Hasmukh asks her to go from here. Ramila says she will not leave him in this condition. Ansubaa asks Hasmukh to stop and goes near him, She asks him to break the fast and eat something. Hasmukh says he will not eat anything until she forgives him. Hasmukh cries and looks ill. Ansubaa says do you think, you sins can be forgivable. She says can you forgive me if I do anything like that. Hasmukh says I might not forgive you. Hasmukh says he deserves the punishment given by her and he will die here.

Ansubaa says we are bearing your punishments. She asks him to look at Ramila, Dilip and the entire family. She says Bahu Rani make her understand that life runs with hope and I want to give you one more chance. She says I forgive you, while Hasmukh smiles teary eyed. Hasmukh was about to touch her feet but she stops him. She says I forgive you but you have to bear the punishment, she gives him punishment
and says you will be known as Hasmukh now and not Hasmukh Vaishnav. She says I will return your surname after you get capable of taking care of the responsibililties. Hasmukh thanks her. Ansubaa makes him and Ramila break the fast. Bhoomi makes Ansubaa eat food. Karsan jokes with Hasmukh that the ladies are not preparing food because of the sadness. He asks Dilip to take Hasmukh home and get him ready for the puja. Some ladies again starts gossiping about Bhoomi and Ansubaa hears them gossiping. Bharti smiles evilly at her plan success.

Parul tells Bhoomi to do the puja, but she is stopped by the fellow devotees. Ansubaa asks them what is the matter, one lady says you don’t have right to make the puja unsacred. She says your choti bahu rani can’t do this puja, shocking everyone. Ansubaa asks why she can’t do the puja. The lady says your bahu was with some else in their captivity for 3 days. Karsan interferes, that lady starts fighting. One old man says, you bahu is apavitra. Ansubaa asks him to stop. Kishan says why she can tag bhoomi as apavitra. Ansubaa asks why she can’t do the puja, they says they can’t let her do the puja as they don’t want this sacred place to get unscared. Everyone is shocked. The episode ends on Bhoomi’s sad face.

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Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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