Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 18th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ansubaa telling everyone that Dilip will lose us and the property if he chooses Prachi over us. Everyone are shocked. Prachi is thinking about Ansubaa’s words and is angry. The man comes to meet Prachi. She is shocked to see him and says you, here. He comes to her and says yes. He says I was worried about my baby so I came here. Prachi says if you were worried, you would have earned. She says I had to trap Dilip. Dhara sees them talking.

jiten tells Ansubaa that I respect your feelings but I can’t take any risk. He says now I can’t allow jai and Dipika’s marriage. jai is shocked. jiten says the reason on Dilip’s sin. Everyone are shocked. Prachi says poor Dilip, he did not even touch me and I took his name. She says

Ansubaa did not agree yet, I will make her agree, we will have fun by Dilip’s money. She says like we planned, everything is going that way, poor Vaishnav family is trapped, but why did you come here. She asks him to leave. They see Dhara and are shocked.

Dhara enters the room and the man acts as if he is from hospital staff. Dhara is fooled by them. Prachi asks Dhara why did she come here. Dhara brings coconut water for her saying Dilip has sent this for you. Prachi says fine. She says it means she has not heard my and Raghu’s talk, thank Lord. Dilip is given the medicine prescription for Prachi. jai stops Dilip and says I dropped Ansubaa home. Won’t you ask how is she. jai says she is very much hurt by your act, everyone are very upset, Dilip says I did not do this purposely.

jai says what are you saying, why did you let this happen. He says you should have thought about Ketki and Aarvi. Dilip says I know I m wrong, but I don’t know how did this happen. He tells jai that this happened in Ahmedabad where he met Prachi. He says I told everything about me to Prachi, but one night, it was an accident, I don’t know what happened that night, it was a mistake and I can’t deny it. he says at first Prachi showed understanding, but one day she said she is pregnant with my child. jai says its your big mistake, do you know what you did, its painful for Ketki. He says think about her, what might be she going through.

Lily says trust me Ketki, Dilip can’t do such a big mistake. Hasmukh tells jiten that we love Ketki, don’t take her from our home, don’t punish jai by Dilip’s mistake. Ketki says I m also saying this that don’t punish jai and Dipika. She asks him to ask Dipika once. jiten says you are good so you are saying this, but your husband has ruined your life. Dilip says I m worried about Ketki and Aarvi. he says I can’t cheat Ketki, and not Prachi. Dhara tells jai she wants to talk to him.

jiten asks Ketki to get ready as they have to leave. Dipika says please… jiten says don’t take their side. He says now you are not related with this family. Hasmikh requests him but jiten leaves. Dilip goes to bring the medicines. Dhara tells jai that she saw the man with Prachi. jai says with Prachi. Dhara says yes, they were talking, jai asks what. Dhara looks at him.

Ketki is leaving the house crying. Aarvi asks where are you going. Ketki says we are going, lets go. Aarvi hugs Ramila and says I won’t go anywhere leaving her. Everyone are crying. Dilip comes to Prachi and asks how are you now. Prachi says fine. Dilip says don’t worry, everything will be fine. Prachi says I want my baby’s right and your name. Dilip says you will get your right, I have decided that I will give divorce to Ketki. Prachi is happy. jai comes and says lets go home, Ketki is leaving the house. Dilip says let her go, Prachi needs me.

jai says what about Aarvi, she is much hurt. Dilip does not listen to him and says I have decided that I will give divorce to Ketki. jai is shocked. jai says are you in your senses, do you know what you are saying. He says Ansubaa won’t let this happen, she will kick your out of this house. Dilip says now I will live with Prachi, as I don’t want any property. Prachi is shocked and calms down Dilip. Dilip says its my final decision. jai leaves. Prachi thinks what to do now. Dilip says we will get married and I will give my name to our baby. Prachi says don’t hurry up in taking decision, I don’t want to separate you from your family. She says your decision is wrong. Dilip says I won’t leave you.

Dhara asks jai why is he tensed. jai says Dilip has gone mad, he wants to leave Kekti and marry Prachi. Dhara is shocked. jai says he wants to buy a house and take Prachi with him. He says he says he did not want the property also. Dhara says its my mistake, that I have let Prachi come inside the house. jai says its not your mistake. Raghu is hearing all this. Dhara says we should inform this at home. jiten says we will tell Aarvi to forget everything. Hasmukh talks to jai and is shocked to know Dilip’s decision.

Prachi asks Dilip not to leave his house, she says where will we live and what will we do. Dilip says I will manage everything, you don’t worry. Raghu comes to Prachi and fools Dilip asking him to go out for some time. Dilip leaves. Prachi is angry seeing Raghu. Raghu asks Prachi what is she doing. She says what happened, what are you doing, leave me. She says I asked you not to come here, go from here. He says tell me what you want to do, do you really want to go with Dilip. They have an argument. He says I m hurt when Dilip gets close to you. Prachi says Dilip is fooled by me, he is not the father of my child, I want him to give our baby his name so that we can get his property.

She says its our plan. He says our plan was he married you and goes to his house. But he is taking you somewhere else leaving all the property. Prachi says don’t be mad Raghu, be patient, else we won’t get anything. She says Dilip won’t do anything, he did not touch me till now, he is a good man. She says his family will accept me and my baby one day. She asks him to have patience as their game is getting well. She says once I get his property, then… I love you and will always love you. She hugs him. Raghu gets happy.

The curtain is removed by Dhara and Dilip, Ketki, jai and everyone heard Prachi and Raghu talk about their plan. Everyone are shocked. Prachi and Raghu are tensed seeing everyone.

Raghu and jai have a fight. Prachi supports Raghu. Dilip is shocked seeing Prachi’s reality.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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