Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 17th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ansubaa asking Karsan how many shirts are still to be stitch? Karsan replies 400 shirts have stitched and 100 shirts are remaining to be stitch. Hasmukh thinks to take a quick nap and sleeps. Ankit comes and wakes him up and says he dont wish to work like mota bhai and he is destined for Raj yog. He says I want to live life like you, Ansubaa calls Ankit back. Hasmukh and Ankit goes back in the hall. The Vaishnav family tries to wake the workers by offering tea. Kishan tells Bhoomi that the workers worked all the day and they can’t asks them to work more. Bhoomi says she knows but they have to complete the order on time. They looks helpless. Ketki says she told them that this is impossible. Ansubaa says true businessman is the one who completes the order on time and it is our reputation that whatever orders we undertake have not cancel till now. Ketki is irked. She says if we all do together then we can help ourself.

Paddy comes there and plays the song Jaago sune walon, suno meri kahaani…., all the workers woke up from the sleep while the family is delighted. Paddy switches the song to Eena meena deeka and signals Avni to bring Ansubaa. Paddy dances with Ansubaa on the song of eena meena deeka much to the laughter and happiness of the family and the workers to keep them awake. Ansubaa dances well. Everyone claps and the workers starts working again happily. Kishan and Bhoomi hugs Paddy bhai.

Bhoomi counts on the number of shirts. Kishan thanks the workers that the order is completed because of their work and support. Workers says that they are a part of the family and they did their duty. Kishan decides to keep all the shirts in the godown.One worker tells him about the mill details sticker to be stick on the order, which is necessary. He says he will do it himself after coming back from his home. Kishan agrees. That worker comes to someone (Amritlal’s employee) who asks him to do his work. He gives him some package (containing rats) and says stick the sticker so that their image will be defamed. He leaves.

Paddy asks Kishan, do Bhoomi takes care of you. He says she is a spoilt brat since childhood, but Kishan praises Bhoomi saying she is his life and he cant even think of life without her. Paddy says that’s why she chose you. From today I am your Paddy bhai too. Bhoomi comes there and Paddy compliments her on her choice.

That worker comes to the mill and places some Rats and leaves.
Bhoomi wakes up from the sleep and drinks water. She feels uneasy and wake up Kishan. She asks him to check the godown as she is not feeling good. She urges him to please come with me. Kishan says ok, but I have faith nothing will be wrong. Kishan and Bhoomi comes to the godown and checks the shirts. They thinks it is all fine and when they are about to leave, they hears some noise and turns around to see rats messing with the shirts. They are shocked. All the family comes there and asks how come these rats came here? Karsan tells Ansubaa about Rats entering their godown. Dilip says Shirts might be saved. Kishan and all checks the shirts. Kishan finds the shirts with a holes from the rat bites. They panicked to see the shirts damaged in one box which contains 200 shirts. Kishan says in the morning we have to send the order and we don’t have raw material and workers either to make new shirts. Parul says,it is impossible now.

At the police station, Amritlal laughs and thanks them. His employee tells Amritlal to thank the worker who did their work. Amritlal says their mill will be closed now and says even God is not having solution for the problem created by him.

Bhoomi stares at the shirts and says there is a solution. Everyone looks on hopefully. The Episode ends on Bhoomi’s hopeful smile.

Ansubaa gives Dwarkhadeesh idol to Paddy and says give it to Bhoomi’s Nani. Paddy says he will leave now. Ansubaa says Paddy correctly and Paddy laughs and says I told you naa I will correct your pronunciation before I leave. Everyone smiles..

Update Credit to: Hasan

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