Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th November 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with Aarvi telling Jai that her work is done. Jai starts the car while Dhara is hiding in the car rear side. Paritosh goons keeps the idol in the truck, Paritosh asks Vilas to get the idol delivered at the address. He says they will get the money. Truck passes Jai’s car but he doesn’t see the idol but Dhara sees it and tries to read the number but couldn’t because it is written in english numericals. Jai gets down at the Thakkar godown and asks Paritosh about the missing idol. Paritosh says you can’t find it and can’t even prove that we had stolen it. Jai says he will find it for sure. Paritosh asks him to leave. Jai sees Dhara and asks, why you came here when I asked you not to come. He sees the car decky and recalls Aarvi telling about her bag in the decky. He says you can’t accompany me. Dhara says she will come. She says she saw the idol in the tempo and the tempo was going in the rajkot direction. Jai asks for the car number. Dhara says she don’t know english. Jai asks her to tell how it is written. She describes, Jai writes on her hand and asks whether it was 1884. She says yes.

Ansubaa says Karsan that we shall all go to the temple. Karsan says but the idol is not in the temple. Ansubaa says she knows but the idol is in every thing and says lets go and pray to Dwarkhadeesh to give strength to Jai. Ansubaa and family are praying in the temple and singing bhagan while Kishan and Dhara are searching for the idol. Kishan calls Hasmukh and gives the tempo number. Hasmukh calls the police and police says to other police man, we have to trace this number 1884. Vilas’s tempo is stopped at the checkpost. Jai and Dhara come there and Dhara says this tempo have the idol. Vilas says he didn’t have the idol. Police checks and finds only a soft toy. They tells Jai that your information is wrong. Vilas smirks and asks Jai to take it with him and placed in the temple. He says your God has changed into the toy and says you can’t make us lose.

In the morning, Vaishnav family is still in the temple. Jai calls Hasmukh and says he couldn’t find the idol. Hasmukh wonders what to tell to the family and lies to Ansubaa that there is a good news and we will get the idol soon with God’s will. He says Dhara is with Jai and Dilip is in the police station. He asks Ansubaa to go home and rest for a while. Ansubaa says my dear Jai is struggling there and you want me to rest. Parul asks, did you asks him about his wound. Hasmukh says he didn’t asks him about his health. Parul asks him to asks Jai about his health. Ansubaa says he means a lot to us, not only you. She says I will not leave until my Jai brings Kishan ji home.

Dhara tells Jai that she saw the idol there in the tempo and wonders why it was not there. Jai says I know that and says Vilas must have kept the idol in some other truck. Dhara says we are going to rajkot and he must be going to the rajkot now as the idol is there. Jai says we shall leave soon. He asks for the time for the fellow person. Dhara feels he is strange to asks questions for someone else inspite of having the watch.

Dhara sees Radhaji’s necklace on the road and goes on some person cycle. That man asks jai to sit until she comes back. She follows the flowers and sees the truck which is actually having the idol. Jai comes there, Dhara tells him that Kishanji idol is in the tempo. Kishan is surprised. He asks, did you saw the idol. She says no and says kishan ji did give an idea to them. Kishan and dhara follows the truck. Paritosh tells Chandrika that the idol will be sold in a few hours. He is very confident and says we have to get ready for the sunset. He asks his men to destroy the mandir. Vilas wife tells him not to do this sin. Chandrika tells her that she didn’t save her grand child and saying about saving the temple. She says they have lost the child because of their sin. Chandrika asks her to stop the nonsense. Vilas calls Chandrika and says tempo has reached the shop.

Jai and Dhara come the shop and sees the tempo from the distance. Jai asks, did you saw the idol in this tempo. Dhara replies she is sure and just then they sees the idol and is shocked and happy at the same time.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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