Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dhara caring for jai. jai scolds her and says please be away from me. They come to know that jai got bail. Dhara is thankful to the Lord. jai thinks how did this happen. The inspector says the woman took her complaint back, you should be thankful to her. jai says I want to meet her, where is she. The inspector says in govt. hospital. Its morning, Dipika and jiten come to meet the woman and Dipika says I know jai made a big mistake, but please take the complaint back, and offers her Rs. 10 lakhs.

jai comes there and Karsan says jai is free now, she has taken the complaint back. Dipika is happy to see jai. jai apologizes to the woman. Karsan and Hasmukh also thank her. The woman does not turn. jai says you can punish me if you want. Its Chandrika. Everyone are shocked to see her. Karsan says Chandrika, you, it means jai has hit you. She says yes, its me, I did not die, I wish I could have died. jai says I did this, I m sorry. Chandrika apologizes to everyone and says this is what I have sown. Hasmukh asks where are your sons. She says they have left me.

Hasmukh says Vilas and Paritosh have fallen so much. She says I have given them such values, I m happy I got my punishment, thats why I took the complaint back. jai says you helped me, I will finance your medical expenses. Karsan says we are with you, you are a part of your family. Chandrika cries. Dhara says take care. Parul and everyone are shocked to know that the woman was Chandrika and she took the complaint back.

Lily says how can she save jai. Karsan says even we can’t believe this, she is regretting badly. Hasmukh says her sons have abondoned her. Ansubaa looks on and says I can’t trust that woman, her sons has beaten up jai, I can’t forget this, I don’t pity on her, she is Chandrika, she can’t be good ever. Karsan says she can’t harm us now. Hasmukh says yes, she is not like before, else she would have not saved jai. Parul says yes, she has done a big favor on us. Ansubaa says I agree, we will make her treatment done.

Ramila is looking out for Aarvi and Nanku. She asks Dilip where are you going. Dilip says I have much work in the mill. Ramila says did you see the kids. He says no, they might be in the room. She says they are not in the room, I will see. He leaves. Aarvi and Nanku are playing in jai’s room. Ramila is shocked seeing the partition made by jai. Ramila brings the kids in the hall and says they were playing in jai’s room. Aarvi and Nanku tell everyone about the partition. Parul looks at Dhara and jai.

Parul asks jai and Dhara whats all this, is this true, we understood what the kids told. You are increasing the distance between you two. jai gets angry and says stop saying Dhara Dhara, what happened to you all, she is not my wife, but my shadow, she was after me in the jail, am I a kid. Parul says its necessary, Maha Guru ji told. jai says how close should I keep her. He holds her and pushes her and leaves.

jai comes to his room annoyed with Dhara. Dhara comes after him. He says come, sit beside me. She says why are you angry on me, Parul asked me to be with you all the time, so I came with you in the police station. He says I know, you also remember its your duty for seven months. Parul comes to them and hears them fighting. She says the food is waiting, come down. jai says I m not hungry. Dhara says me too. jai says why, i m hungry now. He says see she will also come after me. She says no, I m not hungry really, but yes I will come with you, so I know my duty. Parul says I can’t see this argument, come down. jai says I won’t come, I m not hungry.

Parul says let him go, he is very adamant, you come down, we have to talk to you about the puja. Ansubaa asks Lily and Ramila to do the arrangements for the puja. Dhara comes there and everyone are happy. Dipika is also present and is angry seeing the Shagun for Dhara. Parul gives the Shagun to Dhara. Dhara says is this for me. Parul says yes, its our ritual for Akadeshi. Ansubaa says Parul, explain the importance of the puja to her. Parul explains her that its for the husband’s happiness. Lily says do this before sunrise, you have to get up early. Ketki looks on. Parul says go and wake up early. Dipika leaves in anger.

Dipika tries to exchange the saree with Dhara but Dhara refuses and says I have to do this ritual, this saree is a blessing for me, I can’t hear you this time. Dipika is angry. Dhara leaves and comes to her room and arranges her clothes in the cupboard removing jai’s clothes. jai sees this and asks what are you doing, did you ask me before touching my things, keep your belongings somewhere else. She says I m your wife, my clothes will be in this cupboard.

Ketki tells Parul that she will apologize to Dhara. She mixes something in Dhara’s milk.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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