Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 16th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Aarvi asking jai to tell her the story of a rich man and a poor girl. jai agrees and tells her. Dhara also hears them. Aarvi sleeps in Dhara’s lap. jai still continues the story. Dhara asks what happened then. jai says Aarvi slept. She says I will make her sleep well without disturbing her sleep. She says we will sit here for some time, I mean …… Sajna Ve…… plays…… The time passes and Dhara starts feeling sleepy. She is about to fall in sleep and jai holds her hand. She wakes up. He leaves her hand and Dhara sleeps on the bed with Aarvi. jai looks at her and leaves from the room. He closes the light.

Its morning, all the preparations for Dilip and Ketki’s marriage is going on. Parul asks Ramila where is Ketki. They are happy to see Ketki is bridal cdress and welcomes her. Parul asks Kekti not to work. Ketki asks where is Dipika. She says I will go and get her. Dipika comes and Parul goes for some work. Ketki says you are looking very pretty, will you also get married like us. She asks Dipika where is your Chunri which Parul gave. Dipika says I m not getting it.

Ketki sees Dhara with the chunri and stops Dhara. She asks Dipika, is this yours. Dipika says no, its Dhara’s. Ketki asks Dhara to give the chunri to Dipika. Aarvi says but its Dhara’s chunri. Dipika says no, I don’t want it. Dhara gives her the chunri. Ketki makes Dipika wear it. Dhara smiles but is hurt. Ketki looks at Dhara and smiles. Ketki greets Ansubaa and Ansubaa blesses her. Ramila says you are the bride today, come here and sit with us, you will get tired.

The pandit asks where is the groom, call him. Ramila says I will go and see Dilip. Ketki says I will go adn call him. Ramila asks Dhara to call Dilip. Dhara hears Dilip talking to Prachi on phone. Ketki sits in the mandap. Ansubaa asks the pandit to start the mantras. Everyone smile. Prachi hears the mantras and asks Dilip where are you, it means you are marrying your wife again. Dhara says Dilip, the pandit is calling you. Dilip says you go, I will come.

Lily asks Dhara to see the rangoli. Dhara goes and makes the rangoli. She thinks about Dilip being tensed because of Prachi. She says I have to find out the truth. The rituals are going on and Dilip comes and sits with Ketki. He gets Prachi’s call and does not attend it. Everyone look at the couple and smile. Aarvi does her parents ghatbandhan happily. Ketki smiles. Aarvi asks Dhara to come inside soon after completing the rangoli. Dhara says you go, I will come. The pandit asks the couple to promise each other that they will always be together and keep each other happy.

Ketki promises and Dilip too. The pheras start and everyone showers flowers on them. Prachi comes and spoils Dhara’s rangoli. Dhara is shocked to see Prachi and says whom do you want to meet and stops her from going inside. Prachi says no one can stop me today from going inside the house. Dilip stops promising. The pandit asks him to make the promise. Everyone look at Dilip. Ramila says say Dilip. Prachi walks in. Hasmukh says tell Dilip. Prachi says what will he say, I will say. Everyone turn and looks at Prachi. Dilip is shocked to see Prachi.

Ketki asks Dilip who is she. Prachi says will Dilip tell everyone about me and our relation, or shall I tell everyone. She asks Dilip to speak up. Ramila asks her who are you to ask such things to Dilip. Prachi says ask your son, who am I and how are we related. She says Dilip and I are meeting each other since months and is he the father of my child or not. Everyone look at Dilip. Ramila and Ketki cry. Prachi says he won’t tell anything, as he does not have the guts to give me and my child his name. She says I m his lover. Hasmukh says what is this nonsense. He asks her to get out of the house.

Prachi apologizes to them for talking like this and says Dilip and I are having an affair and I m pregnant with his child. Everyone are shocked. She says Dilip and I love each other. Ketki looks at Dilip. Dilip is ashamed infront of everyone. Ramila says whats all this, what is she saying. Aarvi asks what is she saying about my dad. Karsan asks Lily to take the kids inside. Prachi says why are you silent Dilip, tell your family that whatever I said is truth, if you don’t accept this truth, I will tell the whole village about this.

Prachi falls and Dilip cares for her breaking the ghatbandhan with Ketki. Everyone are shocked. He lifts Prachi adn leaves.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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