Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th January 2014 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th January 2014 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th January 2014 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai leaving from the ring ritual and going to his room. Ketki finds a way so that the jewellery set does not reach Dhara. Dhara comes to the room and sees Nanku. She asks Nanku what are you doing here. Nanku says I came to sleep her. She says no, you can’t sleep here, lets go to our room. Nanku says but jai is sleeping there, he asked me to sleep here. Dhara is shocked and asks him to sleep. She goes to talk to jai. Parul sees this and wonders what happened. Dhara comes to jai. jai argues with her and says I asked Nanku to sleep in my room. Dhara says I know, he told me.

He says what are you doing here. She says I brought this milk for you, you did not had anything since morning. Dhara insists and jai refuses and scolds her. The fan is about to fall on jai. Parul comes there and asks jai to speak to Dhara well and agree with her. jai says I have a problem with Dhara. He says fine, give it, I will have it. He is much annoyed with everyone. Dhara brings the milk to him. The milk falls on jai and he gets up from the bed. The fan falls and Parul is happy that Dhara saved jai. She hugs jai and says why do you risk your life again and again, you have to agree that Dhara is your shield.

jai says I have married her as you wanted. Parul says its necessary for Dhara to be in your life, if she was not here, then don’t know what would have happened. jai says maybe its wrong, maybe its something else, maybe Dhara is the reason for all this, it was a conincidence. Parul says how Dhara did the Shiv Abhishek and saved him. She says Dhara always saved you.

Parul says Dhara did a favor on you yet again and Maha Guru ji is always right, this is proved now, don’t make Dhara away from you, I won’t let you do this, Dhara will be with you as your shadow. Dhara cries. jai leaves. Parul asks Dhara to take milk for jai and go to her room. Dipika is angry in her room thinking about jai’s marriage with Dhara. She thinks jai went far from her today, he is alone with Dhara in the room, what if they become united. She says no, I won’t let this happen.

She says its a matter of seven months, then jai will be only mine. She goes to the kitchen to take water and sees Parul talking with Dhara. Parul asks Dhara not to leave jai. Dhara says don’t worry, I will take care of him. Parul says I m worried about both of you. Dhara says no matter how much he hates me, I will always preach him. Parul says always remember, I m with you, you are jai’s life and his wife, take care of him. Dhara says yes and leaves. Dipika hears this and is angry.

Dhara comes to her room and gives the milk to jai. Nanku is sleeping. She says your mum has sent this for you. Dipika comes to them and says I had fun in your marriage, but I forgot the gift, so here it is, surprise. Its a big photo of Bhoomi.

Dipika smiles. jai looks at Bhoomi’s photo and thinks about her. Dhara looks on. Dipika says this photo belongs here in this room. She says I thought this would be the best gift, but did Dhara feel bad. Dhara says no, I did not feel bad. Bhoomi will always be here. She hangs the photo. Dhara says its a good and valuable gift, thanks. Dipika leaves. Dhara talks to Bhoomi’s photo. jai argues with Dhara and says I know your truth, you will never be able to make a place in my heart.

Its morning, Ketki is annoyed seeing Dhara in the kitchen and acts sweet saying I will help Dhara here. Dhara comes to know that Rukmani is leaving today. Ketki gives the items to Dhara and asks her to start cooking. Ketki taunts Dhara calling her a maid. Dhara does not react and says I remember everything. Ketki leaves. Dhara is hurt.

jai and Dhara are on the way. He drives fast and knocks down someone.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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