Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 13th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with jai laughing on Aarvi’s words that she wants to make Dhara her Kaki. He says I know she is good and best but she can’t become your Kaki. He laughs off and leaves. Aarvi thinks of doing something. Ramila talks to Dilip and asks him to be honest to her. She says you can tell your mum about your problems, I will always support you, you can share your worries with me which took away your smile. Dilip gets Prachi’s message and is tensed. He does not tell anything to Ramila and says I m fine, its only business stress. He gets Prachi’s call and says its urgent call I will be back. Ramila says its your marriage tomorrow, I won’t let you touch phone tomorrow.

Prachi asks Dilip whats all this, you can’t marry Ketki again. Dilip

says what does it matter if I marry Ketki again. Prachi says you should give her divorce and marry me. Dilip says it can’t happen. Prachi says don’t do this marriage else I will see you. Dilip says its jai’s engagement tomorrow. Prachi warns him not to marry Ketki and ends the call. Dilip gets worried. All the arrangements are going on in the house. Dhara comes to jai and sees him busy.

Lily calls jai and have a talk. Dhara looks at them. Dhara says I want to talk to you about Dilip. Parul comes and talks to jai. jai gets busy and Dhara could not talk to him. jai says yes, tell me now. Dhara says when I went to hospital that day, I saw…… A red cloth falls on them and Sajna Ve…………. plays. They have an eyelock. jai says tell me. Dhara says I saw…… Ansubaa comes and asks about jai. jai hears her and goes to her. He greets her and is happy to see her back. Ansubaa says when Karsan told me that its your engagement, I came back. Everyone see Ansubaa and greets her happily.

jiten greets Ansubaa. All of them have a laugh. jai asks Dhara what do you want to say about Dilip. Everyone look at Dhara. Ketki says what will she say about Dilip. jai says tell us. Dhara says Dilip….. Dipika says I know what she wants to say. Ketki asks what is it. Dipika says Dhara wants to discuss about Dilip’s clothes right. She asks jai to final Dilip’s clothes and takes him with her. Dilip comes to meet Prachi outside the house.

He says why did you come here, if anyone sees you. Prachi scolds him. Dilip asks her to go. Prachi says I won’t go. Prachi says I can’t see all this and shouts. Dilip says talk slowly. Prachi says I will not let you marry Ketki again. Dilip says go from here. Dhara comes to tell to jai but she sees Dipika and jai in the room and gets upset. Dipika smiles. Dhara leaves seeing them. Parul asks Dhara to go outside the house and bring clothes. Parul sees Dhara upset and asks what happened. Dhara says nothing and runs. Parul sees Dipika and jai together and thinks this was the reason for Dhara’s sadness.

Prachi asks Dilip to come with him. Dilip says I can’t come with you. She says I will tell your family. He says trust me, I will do what you say, but give me some time, please. Prachi says fine. Dilip goes to leave her. Dhara sees Dilip and Prachi and is shocked. She says she is the same woman whom I saw in the hospital with Dilip. She says its a bi day for Ketki today and she is here, it will be a big problem.

Parul talks to the Lord and thanks the Lord for bringing happiness in jai’s life. She praises Dhara and says now jai is getting engaged to Dipika, I don’t know whether it will be right for jai’s future, but you miht have thought about him. Parul talks to Dhara and asks her to come. Dhara says I was upstairs. Dipika comes and says Mummy to Parul. Parul gives her a chunri and says I got this from Mata mandir, I want you both to wear this. Dipika and Dhara take it. Dipika leaves.

Dhara is tensed. Parul asks what are you thinking. Dhara says it was good for Dipika, why for me. Parul says I got this for everyone, you are also a part of our family. Dhara thinks about Dilip and to say it to jai. Dhara comes to jai and sees him talking on phone. She takes the phone and tells him that Dilip is having an affair with some woman and she is pregnant with his child. jai is shocked and says what are you saying, do you know what are you saying, how can you say like this about Dilip, enough, come with me. He brings her to Dilip. Dilip asks what happened. jai says I want to talk to you. Dilip asks what is it. jai says Dhara is saying she saw you with a pregnant woman at a hospital.

jai says sorry to ask you, but I don’t want anyone to doubt you, tell her that what you were doing with her. Dilip says no, all this is a lie, its misunderstanding. He says yes, I was in hospital, she was my friend’s wife. Dilip lies and says I helped her. Dhara is shocked.

Dhara says but there you… jai says shut up, do you know what you said. Its not good, its your bad habit to say anything like this. I knew it when you told me, I trust Dilip but I don’t want anyone to doubt Dilip, so I brought you here, now apologize to Dilip. Dilip says its fine, I don’t care if she says this. jai says its not ok, we can’t forgive her always. jai says it would have been a big issue if she said this to everyone. jai scolds Dhara and says sorry to Dilip. Dilip says you did it right by asking me, always trust me as its my strength.

jai says did you hear Dhara, I trust him and I m proud of him. People make him an idol for them. jai leaves angrily. Dhara looks at Dilip and cries.

jai comes to Dhara and holds her hand. Sajna Ve…… plays……

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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