Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th September 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th September 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th September 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with the auction taking place at the Vaishnav house. Kishan is seen going somewhere. When the auction is about to done for 3.5 crores, Kishan comes and bids for 4 crores. While all the family is happy, Bharti is shocked. Kishan is announced as the new owner of the house and mill. Kishan signs the ownership papers and gives the money, lawyers leaves. Everyone looks happy with tears in their eyes, While the sanskaar song plays in the BG. Kishan smiles with tears in his eyes. Kishan gives the house keys to Ansubaa. Dilip asks Kishan, from where he got this big money. Kishan says by luck, he says Dwarkhadeesh helped him at the right time. He says Bhoomi won in some competition in which she lost at first. He says he got a call from the company

and Bhoomi was declared a winner. Karsan asks how did it happen? Kishan says the previous winner’s designed was not orginal, and hence Bhoomi was declared the winner. Kishan says Bhoomi saved our mill and house. Ansubaa says I told you naa that bad time will soon end, our bahu rani brought the good time back. Parul praises Kishan and Bhoomi. Ankit says everything is not good yet, kishan bhai saved the house and mill but have to rectify the mistakes. He says he wants to rectify his mistakes. Ankit goes to Bharti and says this is your prize. Ankit throws some divorce papers on Bharti’s face and asks her to leave home.

Parul tells Bharti that she brought her up like a daughter but she made fun of them. Ramila says she made fun of herself. Ansubaa says you become a rani but not bahu rani of the house, you ruined everything by your selfish motives. You had values but you ruined it. Parul says how can you forget your values, it is the wealth which gives the identity to the human beings. Bhoomi says you tried to break my family but failed, if you have tried to keep them united then you might become the best bahu rani of the world, you have lost them. She asks her to leave. Bharti says she will break the family. Ansubaa says you can’t do anything, you can’t keep us away from heart. We are united now. This is our family’s strength that you won’t be able to drift apart. Kishan says you never accepted our family but thank you. He says you didn’t break it but infact united us.

He says you united us with Hasmukh kaka and Ankit unknowingly. You kept us united unknowingly. Hasmukh says you are right. Ramila asks her to leave if she is ashamed of her doings. Ankit looks at bharti with utmost hatred. Bharti leaves. Bhoomi says our family is complete now. Kishan says no, our family will complete now and shows Nans and Bhoomi’s mother as they enter their house. Vaishnav’s family greets them. Bhoomi hugs nans and her mom. Bhoomi’s mother asks forgiveness from Bhoomi and says she realised her thinking was wrong and your decision was right. She says I am sorry, I couldn’t understand you. She tells Bhoomi that her son in law called her previous week, and thanks her for giving the good upbringings to Bhoomi. She says I was touched. Nans says it was my hardwork behind Bhoomi’s values. She says she is happy to see Bhoomi happy. And thanks Kishan for changing her opinion about India and Indians. She asks for Ansubaa, Ansubaa greets her. Bhoomi’s mom says to tell the truth, she thought Bhoomi couldn’t stay in India for more than 10 days that’s why she gave her return tickets. She says I was so stupid. Nans says you are.. She says east or west, India is the best. Nans says Indians are the bestest. The show ends on a happy note with all the family members united to never drift apart and smiles on their faces.

Ketki is seen with her baby, Ansubaa plays with the baby. Employees of the mill comes and informs Kishan that workers are saying that they will take the bonus from Ansubaa or bahu rani’s hands. Bhoomi is shown next and both of them greets Jai Dwarkhadeesh. Sanskaar ends on a good note.

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Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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