Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Hasmukh saying Ansubaa won’t change her decision. jai says she will change her decision, we have to win anyhow. Dhara comes to Nanku and is tensed. She sees Kishan ji’s idol and says show me the way. Ramila talks to Hasmukh and asks did you find any solution. He says don’t worry, we will get some way out. Dilip is also unable to sleep and Ketki blames Dhara for it. jai is also thinking about tomorrow. Dhara prays to the Lord in the hall’s mandir. Hasmukh comes and sees her. He looks at the Lord and Dilip comes. jai comes next and Dhara realizes no one slept. Its morning, Ansubaa says we should go on time. Everyone are ready and about to leave. Lily stops them and encouarges them by making them eat prasad.

Ansubaa prays to the Lord and says I m not saying you to support us, but don’t let lie and cheat win. Support the truth, everyone prays. The panchayat is ready. Chandrika tells where is the Vaishnav family, maybe we have to find someone else for the post of Sarpanch. Ansubaa comes and greets everyone. Everyone turns and looks at her and her family. Chandrika looks on.

Ansubaa sits on the sarpanch’s chair and asks everyone to start the panchayat. The men tell her about the video where jai is giving money to Dhara after getting out of her house. They say Chandrika wants Dhara to be out of this village. If she is not stopped, then everyone can learn this from her. Chandrika smiles. The men asks the villagers whats their opinion. Everyone go against Dhara and jai. The men asks Ansubaa what she wants to say. Ansubaa is quiet and tensed.

Parul tells Ramila, I m worried, don’t know what decision will Ansubaa take. Lily is at home and Ketki comes to her. Lily is worried about the panchayat’s decision. She says we know whats the truth but I m tensed. Ketki says even I m tensed, Dilip said we have to remove the stain from our family. Ansubaa says I also feel that… Hasmukh comes shouting and asks everyone to listen to him before taking a decision. He starts crying and Ramila gets tensed and asks what happened. He says Paritosh has tried to kill Dilip. Everyone are shocked.

Paritosh is shocked as Hasmukh is lying. He says I have admitted Dilip in the hospital. He says I have told the truth, Dilip is battling with his death for his life. Ramila beats Paritosh and asks why did you do this, I won’t leave you. Paritosh says he is lying. Chandrika asks what all this. Hasmukh says this is the truth, Paritosh attacked him, see the proof. He gives his phone to jai and asks him to show everyone. Everyone see the video and are shocked. Chandrika and Paritosh also see the video and are shocked.

Hasmukh takes his phone back. Paritosh says its a lie, Dilip came to our house to take the car’s keys, we did not do anything, Hasmukh beats him and says you have beaten my son, now we won’t leave you. jai says the panchayat will do the right thing. Hasmukh shows the video to the inspector. The inspector says arrest Paritosh. Chandrika comes in between and says no one should dare to touch Paritosh. She says this is not true, this is their plan to plot Paritosh. Hasmukh says if we do this, its a lie, then if you do, then its true, how come.

Hasmukh questions her and Chandrika and Paritosh looks on. Everyone smile and Dhara talks to the panchayat and says I respect the panchayat. She says my truth will not change with the video. jai says its true that I gave her money, but because she has saved Aarvi. He says its like how people see things. He taunts Chandrika.

Ketki is calling Dilip but Lily stops her saying they will call us after the decision is made. Ketki spekas against Dhara. Ketki says the truth should come infront of everyone. Lily says its not Dhara’s mistake. Ketki says every girl should know to be in limits, but she talks to everyone happily. Lily asks why do you think about her like this, what did she do to you. She scolds Ketki for thinking about Dhara like this. She says the whole village will know whats the truth. Kekti says Dhara is lucky, everyone takes her side.

Hasmukh says Chandrika was present when Paritosh has hurt Dilip. He asks Chandrika whats the truth. Chandrika says what do you want to prove. jai says we made the video with a plan as you did and it was not true. He calls Dilip. Everyone are happy to see Dilip fine. Dilip comes and Ramila says you are fine. The panchayat asks whats all this jai. jai says its a drama to prove Chandrika and Paritosh wrong. Hasmukh says we had to do this and we apologize for this. Chandrika speaks up. Hasmukh says you are after jai and Dhara, we also know how to answer you.

Dilip says how he acted in the video. Hasmukh says we did this to prove that its not true. jai says if you recorded our voice in the video, you would have known what we were talking about. Hasmukh stops Chandrika from speaking anything. Hasmukh says its proved that Paritosh is at fault, not jai. Ansubaa smiles. Everyone looks on.

Ansubaa says the panchayat will take the decision and I will accept their decision. The panchayat tells their decision.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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