Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Paddy talking to someone and says how could he get the order complete of 3000 shirts in such a limited time. Bhoomi listen silently and gets an idea. Paddy tells him that he will not work with him anymore. Bhoomi gives him coffee and asks what happened. Paddy tells that his plan is ruined as he ordered 3000 shirts to someone but he is telling that he cant complete the order at the last minute, now how will I ready 3000 shirts in such a short span of time. Paddy says I cant understand how it will be possible. Bhoomi gets happy and says if he wants it will happen. She requests him to give the order to Kishan and he will complete the order in 72 hours. Paddy thanks her and says he will give the order to Kishan, and asks her to call Kishan. Bhoomi requests him not to tell anything to Kishan that she suggested his name. Paddy happily agrees.

Ansubaa asks Paddy why you are so upset and that loss is a part of business and it happens sometimes. Paddy says he is not bothered about the loss but what about the commitment he gave to others. He asks Kishan to help him in the order and everyone is happy to get the order. Paddy offers extra money but Ansubaa says no need to pay extra and Kishan will do surely. Ansubaa assures paddy that his order will complete. Paddy thanks him and Kishan too thanks him saying this order matters to him a lot.

He calls Mr. Mehta to get all the labourers on work and then he calls for the raw material. Bhoomi comes and Kishan expresses his happiness, Bhoomi says will you be able to complete the order as you are occupied with Mr. Rohan order too. Kishan says he can surely complete, and says he did hide something from her and Mr. Rohan order got cancelled two days back. He says her sorry. I didn’t wanted you to get sad. Bhoomi says you hurt me by hiding this and I thought we are together in happiness and sorrows and you proved me wrong. She leaves disappointed.

Karsan tells Dilip to set the target to get the order complete. Ansubaa asks him not to worry as so many labourers hardwork is there and Dwarkhadeesh will never let them down. Bhoomi asks Ankit to gives the prasad to all and brings curd and gives to all the men in her house as eating curd before starting a new work is auspicious. Kishan comes there and Bhoomi gives him curd and goes inside without talking to him. Karsan, Kishan and Dilip leaves for the mill. Ansubaa prays to Dwarkhadeesh.

Hasmukh thinks that all the family is right now busy in completing the order but he have to do something about fake report of Ramila. Hasmukh calls some doctor and asks him whether he can arrange fake reports in the name of Ramila. The doctor first dismiss it, but Hasmukh says he will meet and tells him everything. When he finishes the call, he sees Bhoomi who gets suspicious. Hasmukh says he was talking to the doctor and he said Ramila’s hole in her heart is damaged so new x ray have to be taken. Hasmukh says he didn’t understood anything but he knows only one thing that Ramila shall be fine soon. Bhoomi gives him prasad and asks why you didn’t go to the mill. Hasmukh leaves saying he will be going now.

Kishan and family supervised the labourers in the mill work and the song shehnai shubh gadi aayi plays…. Karsan asks Dilip and kishan to come to his cabin as they need to do some calculation. Hasmukh also about to join them but thinks about Ansubaa words to stay away from mill business work. Mayank jokes with Hasmukh that he don’t has any major work and is busy with petty issues.

Bhoomi decides to call Kishan but thinks otherwise and calls Dilip instead. She asks about the ongoing mill work. He replies everything is fine and asks did she and Kishan had a fight thats why she called him instead of Kishan. Bhoomi says no. Dilip gives to call to Kishan, Kishan says hello and Bhoomi cancels the call as she is upset with him. The episode ends on Kishan’s sad face.

Paddy tells Kishan now he realise why Bhoomi chose him as her life partner and says I am your brother also from now onwards. Kishan smiles. Bhoomi comes and paddy hugs her for her superb choice.


Update Credit to: Hasan

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