Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th December 2013 Written Episode Update

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Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th December 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 12th December 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Dilip being shocked to see Ketki. Prachi gets angry that Dilip has disconnected her call. Ketki says I know whats in your heart. Dilip says what. Ketki says you are still annoyed with me right. She says come for breakfast, everyone are waiting. Dilip says you go, I will come. jai spends his time with Aarvi and Nanku. He asks Aarvi why don’t you have food. Aarvi says my mood is off. jai tries to make her smile. Aarvi is really upset. Nanku laughs. jai says don’t laugh else Aarvi will sing a song. He sings a song Khali peeli rokne ka nahi………….. jai dances to make Aarvi smile.

Aarvi looks at him he tickles her. Dhara comes there and jai dances with Dhara. Dhara smiles. Aarvi smiles seeing them. Dipika comes laughing

and Dhara joins Dipika’s and jai’s hands. jai dances with Dipika. Aarvi looks annoyed seeing Dipika. Dhara looks on. Aarvi also dances and everyone come and see them dancing and clap. Dhara see jai happy and smiles. Parul says lets have food now. Aarvi says even I m hungry. Parul says but you were annoyed. Aarvi says I was after jai. Everyone laughs and goes for breakfast.

Ramila apologizes to Dhara. Dhara says I know, I won’t feel bad. Ramila praises Dhara and Parul smiles. Dilip comes at the table. Ramila tells him that Dilip and Ketki will remarry on their anniversary. Aarvi says it will be fun. Dipika says this time I will make Ketki ready. Ramila says see Ketki is shy. Dilip says whats all this, is this necessary. He says I mean to say, people celebrate 25th anniversary, its our 10th anniversary. Ketki says let it be if everyone wants it. Dilip says we are going to start new business and I have much work.

Hasmukh says don’t worry about business. Dilip says but we have court hearing also. Hasmukh says I will talk to the lawyer, is there any more reasons. Dilip is tensed. Ramila says marry once again. Dilip says Ansubaa is not here. Parul says Ansubaa will come before that, now marry. Dilip thinks. jai says say yes Dilip, everyone are very much happy. He says such moments are celebrated to increase happiness. Dilip agrees and thinks if Prachi comes to know about this, don’t know how she will react.

jiten comes and greets Hasmukh. Dipika is happy to see her dad. Dipika says its Ketki’s 10th anniversary tomorrow. jiten says its great and blesses Ketki. Hasmukh talks about Dipika. jiten laughs. He says I was thinking to keep Dipika and jai’s engagement tomorrow. Dhara is shocked. jai says I don’t have any problem. Everyone are happy. Dipika smiles seeing jai. Aarvi is worried. jiten says so it will be good, do double arrangements for tomorrow. jiten hugs Dipika and jai. Dhara cries. Parul looks at her. Aarvi sees Dhara crying.

Dipika thanks her dad. He says you are my only daughter, I can do anything for you, you know it. Parul asks Aarvi why are you upset. Aarvi says I m not happy about jai’s engagement. Parul asks her to go to her room and play with Nanku. She says I will come to you and talk later. Nanku asks Aarvi how will you make my sister your Kaki now. Aarvi says I m thinking. jiten says my daughter is very lucky that she is becoming your bahu. Dilip is busy on phone and Ramila notices him. Everyone have sweets and smile.

Parul looks at Dhara. Dhara sees Dilip busy and thinks of him and Ketki. She says what should I do, hide the truth or what. She thinks of talking to jai about Dilip and Prachi. Dipika asks Dhara to have sweets. Dhara comes to her room and cries. She thinks of her and jai’s moments. Na kuch pucha, na kuch manga, tune dil se diya jo diya……………. Tujh me rab dikhta hai yara mai kya karun…………….. plays……………….. She looks at the sweets in her hand and crushes it. She sits crying alone.

Everyone are deciding clothes and ornaments. Dilip is tensed, jai asks where are you going, don’t do anyway today, I don’t want to make another mistake, look at Aarvi, she is so excited. Dilip gets Prachi’s call and he is worried. Aarvi comes to Parul and is happy to see her parent’s marriage. Ketki is working. Ramila says don’t work now, you are getting married. Ketki smiles. Ramila gives her the bridal dress. She blesses Ketki and hugs her.

Ramila looks at Dilip busy on phone. Parul gives the shagun to Dipika which has clothes and ornaments which she has to wear in the engagement tomorrow. Dhara comes to Ketki. Dipika comes and shows her the shagun which Parul gave. Ketki says you will get more at the time of marriage. Ketki taunts Dhara. Dhara is hurt by her words and leaves. Aarvi talks to jai and says I don’t want Dipika as my Kaki. jai asks whom do you want then. Aarvi says Dhara. jai is shocked.

Dilip meets Prachi and Dhara sees them and is shocked. Prachi scolds Dilip and says whatever happens now, I won’t let you marry Ketki again..

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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