Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th November 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th November 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 11th November 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Ketki being annoyed thinking Dhara is the root cause of all problems. She blames Dhara for everyone. Ansubaa supports Dhara infront of Chandrika and talks in her favor. Ansubaa says its wrong that everyone is blaming and pointing on Dhara. she asks Dhara whats your relation between you and jai. Dhara says you have to understand my relation with Kishan ji, its a deep relation, we have friendship in between us. She says Kishan ji helped me as a friend in every difficulty, and like that, jai has helped me without any selfishness. He saved me from Paritosh. She says jai is like a Lord for me. Everyone looks on.

Ansubaa smiles. She says our relation is pure. Ansubaa tells Chandrika did you hear what she said, Dhara has told the truth. Chandrika says what friendship between a man and a woman. Parul says Dhara is right, you won’t understand this. Chandrika says yes, we won’t accept this. Chandrika says the villian is not Paritosh, its jai’s fault. The villagers believe Chandrika. Paritosh taunts Dhara and asks whats your rate. Rs. 10000 or anything else. jai shouts on Paritosh and takes Dhara’s side. He gets angry and tries to beat Paritosh but everyone stops him.

Chandrika taunts jai and asks him to do whatever he wants, but he should not beat Paritosh from now on, else I would go for justice. The villagers say you will get justice tomorrow in the panchayat. jai says even I want the panchayat to take the decision. He says I won’t let Dhara fall into trouble, I will face everything that comes to her. Chandrika says lets see what you can do, lets meet in the panchayat tomorrow. jai says the panchayat will decide about your lies and everyone will know the truth.

Everyone leaves from Chandrika’s house. Chandrika is making sweets at home. Paritosh comes to her and smells the sweets. He says its smells great, what why are you making sweets at night. She says because its our victory, I m very happy. Paritosh says I did not know your mobile idea will work so much. Chandrika says your mum knows everything, she makes him taste the sweets. He says agreed, but if they prove us wrong. Chandrika says they won’t be able to. Everyone will see them in the panchayat. Paritosh and Chandrika laughs. Chandrika says we will make Dhara go out of the village and retire Ansubaa from her post. Lets see what Ansubaa does in the panchayat.

Parul asks jai to forgive her as she took promise from him not to beat Paritosh and he got injured because of it. He says its my mistake, I did not keep up your promise, but you taught me to become a good human being. He says I had to save Dhara. He says I broke your trust and have hurt you, forgive me. Parul says no, you did not break my trust, you have kept my name. jai thanks her for understanding him. Parul praises him and says if every son thinks this like, everyone would haven been proud. jai asks are you proud of me, then why are you crying. She says this tears are from anger, I m angry on Chandrika and Paritosh, they have spoken bad about Dhara’s character.

She says think how much Dhara is feeling bad. Dhara says I can’t let jai go through all this because of me. She thinks how Paritosh came closer to her and about Chandrika’s taunts. She cries and shuts her ears as their words echoes in her ears. She says no one thought about me like this before, I have to prove myself innocent, else jai and his family had to go through this, no I can’t let this happen. she stands on a well and is about to jump in the well. jai shouts Dhara and stops her. He says what were you doing.

jai hugs Dhara. He says are you mad, that you are thinking to die. Everyone comes and are shocked. Dhara says I was not committing suicide. He says why were you looking at the well then. She says I was just seeing. jai says don’t worry, Ansubaa will make everything fine. Ansubaa comes and says I can’t do as I m giving my resignation for the sarpanch post. Everyone are shocked. jai says why. Hasmukh sasy how can you decide. Ansubaa says now I don’t want to be on the sarpanch post. jai says you are punishing yourself and its wrong. Ansubaa says I don’t have any other way.

She says I know the truth of you and Dhara, but I can’t do anything as they have the video. She says my decision won’t change now. Karsan says the panchayat will be with you. She says if I see the video, then I won’t be able to do the justice. She says I gave this duty to someone superior to me. jai says I don’t accept this, you are making the way of lies easier. jai says we can fail them by going their way. Hasmukh says yes, you are right. Ansubaa says what will be the difference between us and them. Dhara says sometimes we have to take wrong steps to prove our truth. jai says Dhara is right. He says we will give the answers to them tomorrow.

Hasmukh says Ansubaa is still upset. jai says she will change her decision, we have to win this battle.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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