Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th June 2013 Written Episode Update

Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th June 2013 Written Episode, Sanskaar Dharohar Apnon Ki 10th June 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Paddy coming to the Vaishnav house. He is welcomed by Karsan and all. Paddy asks where is my Dholu? Everyone wonders who is Dholu. Bhoomi comes forward and says she is there right infront of him. Paddy surprisingly looks at Bhoomi and says do I know you? Bhoomi says what are you talking? I am your dholu. Paddy is surprised and says my Dholu is the bahu now of this house and they share a hug happily. Bhoomi gets teary eyed but paddy makes her smile. Paddy introduces himself as Paddy. Bhoomi introduces Ansubaa to Paddy, Paddy jokes that she is so young. Then Bhoomi introduces him to other family members and paddy says he is very happy to meet them. Paddy greets Kishan who tells him that he came to the airport to pick him up. Paddy says let it be and says he will punish him for marrying his sister, he asks Kishan to make his sister happy or else he will sit on him with his full weight. Everybody laughs. Bhoomi feels Kishan is not happy with the arrival of Paddy bhai.

Ramila says Paddy became a part of their family in a minute. Ansubaa asks Ketki to take care of Paddy food and his needs. She asks Ketki to make lemon water for him. Ramila says she is feeling pain in her heart and is sweating. Ansubaa asks her to rest in her room. Ramila says she will not live anymore. Ansubaa says nothing to happen to her. Ramila says if she drinks butter milk then she will get some strength to go to her room. Ketki says ok. Ketki is annoyed with Bhoomi’s bro Paddy.

Karsan tells Kishan that you stop the raw material. Dilip asks why you stop the work today? Kishan is speechless. Karsan asks is there any problem? Kishan thinks how can I tell that the order is cancelled, but he tells that everything is fine. Karsan figure out that there is surely something which is bothering Kishan and he is hiding. Bhoomi takes Paddy into the guest room and Paddy is really impressed with the decoration in the room. Paddy asks whether she is loved by all, she replies that she is loved by everybody. Bhoomi asks about her Nans and Maa. Paddy replies they are fine.

Bhoomi asks for a gift from Paddy. Paddy gifts her candies and much more items. They reminiscences old days. Paddy gets so many stuff for her, western clothes and accessories. Paddy says he will give her a cheque with which she can buy anything, but Bhoomi says he came here and that is the best gift for her.

Kishan gets a call from Pankaj who asks him about mill work, Kishan replies everything is alright. Bhoomi comes and tells kishan about Paddy bhai and finds him worried. She asks is there any problem? Kishan says all is well. Bhoomi asks the reason for his sadness? She says he is hiding something from her. Kishan holds her hand and about to inform her about the order cancellation but Avni comes there and says Parul mami is calling you. Bhoomi leaves. Kishan thinks he dont want to ruin her happiness.

Amritlal talks with someone and says he have to keep an eye on the Vaishnav family in his absence.

Ansubaa is tasting the food dishes prepared by her Bahu’s. Paddy comes there to the kitchen and stands behind Ansubaa. Ansubaa says he must have little oil in the dishes, paddy asks who told you this? Ansubaa smiles. Paddy says it will get mix up in the stomach. Parul asks her to sit in the hall as the food is ready. Paddy says he will go after this beautiful lady calls me as Paddy. Ansubaa smilingly relents and says Paddy. Paddy laughs. Ansubaa tells him about Bhoomi’s dish Remdy. Paddy says he eat remdy daily. Paddy leaves the kitchen. Ansubaa says is this your brother or a storm? Ramila says our husband’s should learn something from him. The episode ends on Bhoomi’s smiling face.

Paddy asks the ladies why they are not seated for dinner. Ansubaa replies if they sit for dinner then who will serve the food. Paddy asks them to have dinner with him or else he will not have dinner. Kishan gets some chairs and all the ladies sits for the dinner happily.

Update Credit to: H_Hasan

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