Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Kalanemi agrees to show Hanuman ji the herbs he is looking for. but there is a problem. You can get those herbs only after freshening up or they disappear when you try to reach out to them. You had to undertake a long journey to reach here. There is a sarovar nearby. If you take bath in the holy water then the herbs will automatically appear in front of you. Hanuman ji agrees to go when Kalanemi tells him to keep his eyes closed while taking bath. There is a big story behind it. I can tell you if you have time. Hanuman ji agrees not to open his eyes during the bath.

Jamwati asks Shri Krishna how Hanuman ji fell for Kalanemi’s words. Shri Krishna says whenever someone turns into a sage then pure hearted people do lost their way for a while. But as soon as his true intentions are out all the lies come out in the open. Same happened with Hanuman.

Hanuman ji is inside the sarovar when a crocodile bites his feet. Hanuman ji grabs it and beats it. He throws the crocodile at the distance later on. It dies. A lady appears in the place of the crocodile. She thanks Hanuman ji. I am Dhanyamali, an apsara from Swarg. But I was cursed by Prajapati Daksh and got caught here. I have waiting for you since ages. I am free because of you today. Hanuman ji gives the credit to Ram ji. She tells him to be careful of the sage who had sent him here. He is not a sage but a devil sent by Ravan to kill you. beware of the jal in his water pot. It contains an extremely dangerous poison. She disappears.

Kalanemi is enjoying thinking Hanuman ji wont be back now. He is all shaken and shocked when Hanuman ji comes there. Hanuman ji talks about giving him guru dakshina. Kalanemi starts retreating when Hanuman ji starts walking towards him. Hanuman ji still manages to catch hold of him. Please have some jal. Kalanemi declines but Hanumna ji has grabbed his neck and mouth tightly. He makes him drink the entire pot of water. Kalanemi comes to his original form. Hanuman ji asks him who he is. Kalanemi starts turning blue. Hanuman ji holds him by his feet and then throws him high. Kalanemi falls right in Ravan’s feet. He utters Jai Shree Ram. Ravan kills him right then and there.

Shri Krishna relates that the 4 important herbs that were needed to bring all of us back to life started becoming invisible as soon as Hanuman (or anyone) touched them. Hanuman couldn’t think of anything so he picked up the mountain and headed back towards Lanka.

On the other side, Vibhishan tries to encourage Jamwand to stay up for a little longer. Hanuman must be on his way. Jamwand points out that the sun is about to rise very soon. Hanuman ji reaches there will before time. The aura of the Sanjeevani Mountain wakes up their entire army and Shri Ram and Laxman too.

Shri Krishna is all praises for Hanuman ji. He is so down to earth. The ladies want to hear more about Hanuman ji after knowing about one incident. Shri Krishna is glad to know this. Now I will tell you all the stories of his life.

Precap: Shiv ji tells tells Parvati ji that his ansh Hanuman will take birth in the world at the same time when Lord Vishnu takes birth on the earth as Shri Ram. Ladies wonder who will be the lucky lady to give birth to Lord Shiva’s ansh. Rukmini talks about an apsara of Swarg lok.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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