Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sita Ma blesses Hanuman ji. He gladly takes the tray of fruits from her. He is about to eat one of the fruits but stops. He lets go of Sudarshan. Sudarshan looks petrified of him. he looks down when Hanuman ji and Shri Ram ji look at him. Shri Ram asks him when he became friends with Sudarshan. Hanuman ji replies that he might have to wait to talk to Sudarshan so I thought to give him space in my mouth only. All the ladies smile. Sudarshan takes leave from Lord hastily.

Hanuman ji finally eats all the fruits. Shri Ram says I am sure you must be wondering why so many women are standing around me. Hanuman ji says that’s true. Who are they? Shri Ram ji reminds him of Treta Yuga when he had taken jala-samadhi. Since then (lacs of years) you have been chanting my name non-stop. You too are somehow aware of the fact that in the present Yuga (Dwapar Yuga), I have taken birth as Shri Krishna.

Shri Ram and Sita Mata return to Shri Krishna and Rukmini’s form. Shri Krishna adds that he must be remembering that he is the husband of 16k women. All the women present here are my wives. You have been in my heart always. You know me. I stay the same with everyone (no inequality), except special devotees like you! I am very pleased with you Hanuman. You can ask for a boon. Hanuman ji wants to see him in Shri Ram’s avatar once again. Shri Krishna and Rukmini return to Shri Ram and Sita Mata’s appearance. All the Gods above (in heaven) also offer their prayers to the Lord. Hanuman ji bends down on his knees to seek his blessings. Shri Ram remarks that he loves no one like him. I will be forever indebted to you. Hanuman ji finally gets up. Shri Ram tells him about his duties in the next Yuga. Hanuman ji cannot go against his Lord’s wish.

Garud returns to the palace. He informs Sudarshan about Hanuman ji’s arrival. Beware. Don’t get in any scuffle with him. Sudarshan tells him that Hanuman ji has already left from here. Garud is impressed and so is Sudarshan. They both apologize to each other for their act. They share a hug.

Shri Krishna and all his wives stand at the terrace of their palace as Hanuman ji disappears in the flash of a second. Satyabhama realises her mistake. I have understood that you did all this to break my arrogance. They also talk about Garud and Sudarshan who too have gone through a same situation. Satyabhama apologizes to Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna says love is not where arrogance is. The difference between a devotee and Lord disappears when arrogance is not there. A devotee becomes equal to Lord. This is the power of love. you know who the biggest lover is? He takes Hanuman ji’s name. He comes to sit at his porch. Rani Rukmini too sits down with him while all his other wives sit down before them on a sofa. One of the wives ask Shri Krishna as to why he said to Hanuman ji that he will indebted to him. Devotees were / have been and will always be indebted to God. How can a God be indebted to a devotee? Shri Krishna insists that the reason is such that he is and shall always be indebted to Hanuman ji. The ladies are curious.

Sri Krishna shares how Hanuman ji had saved his life, Laxman’s life and of all the 64k vanars in the war in Treta Yuga. Ravan’s army was all scared because of our attacks when Ravan sent his son Meghnad to fight. Meghnad was a very skilled warrior. He used Brahmastra to make us all conscious. I, Shri Ram; Laxman and the entire army were progressing towards death. That is when Jamwand called Hanuman for help. Jamwand points out at all the men lying on the ground unconscious. Vibhishan adds that everyone will die by the time the first ray of sun shines. Only you can save us now. no one is strong enough to do it. Jamwand tells Hnauman ji to go to Himalaya to bring herbs for everyone. Vibhishan is worried as it is really far but Jamwand has full faith in Hanuman ji’s ability. He guides Hanuman ji about what all he has to bring with him and where will he find them all. These herbs shine because of their special characteristics. Hanuman ji flies up in the sky right away!

Ravan is sure no one can bring herbs from Drona Mountain before sunrise. It is impossible! The entire vanar sena is heading towards their death only. A man tells him that Hanuman ji has taken the responsibility for the same; the same Hanuman who had set Lanka on fire with his tail. Our Lanka is all black today because of him only.

Hanuman ji is on his way to Kailash!

Precap: Ravan talks about Kalanemi. Shri Krishna shares how Kalanemi went to Drona Mountain to kill Hanuman ji. He starts praying to Lord Shiva. Hanuman ji greets him and asks him to help him.

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