Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
Raavan eyes kumbhkaran’s head and screams aghast and in pain. he takes off his shroud. all realise that he is raavan, who has come to mourn his brother’s death. raavan is unable to believe this, as he reminisces kumbhkaran’s promise to him, and then whats actually happened, and laments as to how is this possible, that he got defeated and got finished. Vibhishan says that he hasnt finished, while raavan eyes him enraged. he says that he has achieved salvation due to lord rama, and that he feared this, and had warned him too, but he didnt pay heed, and instead have him thrown out. raavan is distraught as to how his brother went againt him and joined the enemy camp. all hear. raavan says that he should have been killed that day only when he was walking out, then kumbhkaran would have been alive today. Rama listens tensedly. raavan says that he shall rectify it today though by killing him. but hanuman steps in between them and asks him to stop. other monkey leaders too step in, and there is war cry from both sides. hanuman says that he has come to grieve and its wrong to attack him right now. ram too complies with hanuman’s statement. raavan eyes him for the first time, as rama says that he is grieving and hasnt come to fight. he says that kumbhkaran died a martyr, and after death, he needs the same respect, that a warrior beckons, and if thats his motive, he can take away his head with full respect. he gets one of his magical carriers, to take away the head. rama says that its a time of great loss to him and his family, and asks him for the final rites preparations and also suggests a pause in the war for tomorrow. raavan thinks that he wouldnt pause, till he kills them all. As raavan turns around to go, Hanuman asks him to atleast thank ram for his sympathy in letting him have a glimpse of kumbhkaran. he says that despite his being an enemy, ram showed sympathy on him. enraged he turns around. raavan says that those who seek sympathy, are cowards and he isnt one, and he shall prove to be their death when he comes in the battlefield. all eye him tensedly. he leaves. vibhishan extends his humble gratitude for this, and wishes to go to lanka for the funeral. sugriva says that his life is in danger. hanuman says that he cant avoid the final rites, as that shall be too painful. all are tensed. vibhishan says that he wouldnt attack, in front of the family. rama asks him to go, as its his right and he doesnt have the capacity to stop him, but asks him to be alert of raavan and his traps. he complies.

Inside lanka, kumbhkaran’s head is burnt off in the pyre, while the entire family grieves and mourns his loss. his father is in great loss, while vibhishan tries to calm him down, as raavan eyes them tensedly. raavan angrily beckons him as to how he dared to be here and asks him to get lost straightaway, or else another of the brother shall be burnt rightaway in the pyre. all are tensed while he is apalled. raavan asks him to go and tell raam, to be prepared to face his ire. all try and turn to raavan to give him advise and atleast still beg for apology from rama, and not be blinded by ego. he also get informed that many of his sons and leaders too died in the battlefield. they are apalled while raavan still rwfuses to understand.

Later, raavan screams remembering how rama and his army are killing off his family, and wonders now who is left who can avenge their deaths. meghnad stands behind him. hanuman too suspects the same two people for the battlefield now. vibhishan asks them not to underestimate the two, as he is sure that they must be planning vicious moves to defeat them. MEanwhile, meghnad says that his presence here indicates he wants him to go, and so he shall. raavan asks him to let be. meghnad asks him if he doubts his capability. raavan reminds him the failure he met so many times. raavan beckons him to use the brahmastra now. meghnad thinks that this weapon shall cause grave destruction and ruin on the earth. meghnad is doubtful but raavan asks him to use it, as that shall solve all their problems rightaway, and they shall be victorious. hanuman thinks that raavan has broken the war code, and now they have to be totally alert, for any more such sudden moves. the screen freezes on hanuman, ram and raavan’s faces.


Precap: In the battlefield, MEghnad says that his magical weapon has blinded the entire monkey army, and now the demons can attack. they comply and do so. all are tensed, being totally blind. Hanuman wonders how to attack, blinded totally.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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