Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 30th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
As hanuman finds himself engulfed in poisonous smoke, along with the enchating female voice alluring him, he thinks that before it starts affecting him, he shall have to leave from here, and speeds up, chanting lord rama’s name. the voice is shown to be coming from a Sea Demon. Meanwhile, angad and his friends, take one of them, and throw him high up in the air, to see where is hanuman. but he falls back with great speed, and hurts himself, along with his brother. they ask him if he managed to see hanuman. he denies, while wincing in pain.

Meanwhile, in the sea, finally, he sees her, and speeds ahead taking the lord’s name. the demon says that she shall eat him up. the poison starts affecting him, as he comes dangerously close to her. but he continues to maintain his composure anyhow, and then stands right in front of her. he bows and greets her, as mother, saying that he doesnt know who she is, but he cant afford a second’s delay even in lord rama’s task. she says that he cant go from here, as the lords have sent him here as her food. he says that he is getting late. she continues to taunt him. he tries to find his way ahead, but finds that her poison stops his flight. she guffaws, as his efforts go in vain. she says that Brahma has himself given her the boon, that she would be able to have whatever comes in her way. he thinks for a minute, and then explains everything, about his task, greeting her humbly, while she hears on, and he adds that he shall come back for her diet, once he has finished the work. she asks if he has gone mad, as who comes back, from the clutches of death, having escaped once. she says that she shall have him and brahma’s boon cant go in vain, and once she eats, her starvation shall end. he wonders whether she is trapping him, and decides that he cant let anything get in the way and decides to use his powers. chanting lord rama’s name, he enlarges in size. he then asks if brtahma’s boon cant go in vain, then how shall she consume him now, as he has grown much and her mouth so small. she too enlarges in size, as him, while he watches boggled. he says that he is still bigger, while she continues enlarging. then he suddenly shrinks and goes straight into his mouth, while the lords are boggled and shocked, thinking its a bad omen. before anyone is able to understand anything, he comes back right out. she is shocked. he enlarges yet again. she takes it as her insult and on her ego, that she would have him now. he says that he didnt try anything witty, but because of brahma’s boon, anyone has to go in her mouth, and he merely respected that boon, but to fulfill ram’s work, he had to go out, and asks for permission to go. Brahma watches from heaven smilingly. Sursa, the sea demon, starts firing up into a huge ball of fire, from which transcends a beautiful woman, who addresses hanuman as son, and says that his wit is incomparable, and he managed to do both. he begs for her introduction, and she identifies herself as Nagmata Sursa. he is boggled, and asks why. she says that she too asked the same thing, as to why should she stop hanuman, if he hasnt done any harm, and got the response that indra didnt want any doubts on hanuman’s success. He reminds her that she has the power to give a boon, that will ensure shure shot success in any work and they want her to belss him, so that he can successfully finish the job. she smiels. naarad says that she must be wondering whether hanuman deserves it or not. he asks her to test him then, as he has full belief that hanuman would successfully pass the test, and she would be satisfied, with his power and wit, and hence she did so. he says that he hopes he passed the test. she complies, and says that his determination, power and wit are umatched, and hence he deserves the boon like blessing. she blesses him galore, and he is overwhelmed with gratitude. he seeks her permission to leave, and once she complies, he soars high in the sky.

Meanwhile, shukracharya watches hanuman’s flight, and wonders how could he cross, Sursa’s region, and then finds that lanka isnt far away from hanuman’s reach. he thinks that sursa’s blessing isnt good for lanka, and it only means ill for him. he wonders if its the start of the curse, that he has angrily given to Bali. he vehemently decides that he wont let it happen, as he cant see his followers in danger, and be quiet about it, and decides to do something to stop hanuman from reaching Lanka. He decides to beckon, Singhika, Raahu’s mother. Meanwhile, a jackal is shown to terrifying birds, by clutching their shadows, and in the guffaw of the animal, apparates a demonic lady, who eats through trapping shadows. she gets shukracharya’s clarion call, and hurriedly finishes her hunt, and then leaves to see shukracharya. she appears before him, and then srinks in size, and greets him humbly with folded hands, and asks why was she beckoned. he tells her that she is the first of the demons born, and its her responsibility that she protects the other demons. she says that its her duty. he says that lanka is the current residence of demons, which is in danger. Shurkracharya tells her, that a danger looms over hanuman. she asks him to just tell her who is that danger, emboldened by the invincible power of her shadow clutching. he tells her that its hanuman. The screen freezes on hanuman’s face, mid flight.


Precap: Singhika in her enlarged form, confronts hanuman, and tells him that he wont be able to get past her now at any cost, as his shadow lies in her fist. he tries hard to get ahead, but in unable to get, as his shadow is clutched in her hands.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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