Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
Laxman challenges kumbhkaran to fight hanuman off, as he confronts kumbhkaran, who is enraged to see him. when he refuses and says that he shall only fight with raam,

they mock him for his cowardice. enraged and instigated, kumbhkaran tries to fight him off, but hanuman doesnt even budge an inch. all are ecstatic and chant his name,

while kumbhkarana says that he might be able to thwart him from going close to rama, but shall he do of the army. hanuman is enraged. but then rama steps up. Hanuman

is told by rama that he wishes to fight him, then so be it, as his arrows await him and his death since yesterday. kumbhkaran is blinded by rama’s light, and wonders

who is this fellow, who reeks of goodness. but then remembers his promise, and decides to kill him, whoever he is for raavan’s sake. vibhishan is apalled that this is

a strange dilemma, that he cant evne wish kumbhkaran well and hopes that things happen for the best and its good that he gets a death from lord rama. kumbhkarana gets

a gada out of thin air and then rama says that since he is clear that he wont leave his ways of sinning, then he has no option, other than to fire his magical weapon

to finish him off. he addresses rama and says that before his arrow, strikes him, his own hammer shall break this earth into two pieces, and he along with his army

shall succumb into it. the lords are tensed for the outcome. but before he can hit though, rama’s arrow strikes him, and his balance is off the ground. kumbhkaran gets

another weapon, but rama takes that off too, along with taking his hand away too. the army is overjoyed. he continues one blow after the other however, while vibhishan

is distraught seeing his own brother die inch by inch, as both his hands are cut off. raavan is tensed to realise instinctively that he is falling weak. he loses his

legs too but still continues to fight. sugriva is amazed, while hanuman says that he isnt eager to fight but to get death by lord rama. as rama strikes the final

arrow, to kill him off, vibhishan has tears uncontrollably streaming down, as he collapses on the ground, while others are ecstatic. kumbhkaran sees rama in vishnu

avatar, and is overwhelmed and bows his head in gratitude, asking him to accept it. he then turns to lord shiva who apparates too.

Raavan eyes the blood splattered hammer of kumbhkaran, in utter disgust and disbelief. he then hears chants of lord rama’s rejoicing. even the lords smile from above.

hanuman thinks that this is rama’s first victory over raavan. meanwhile raavan is still dazed. he is shocked to know that kumbhkaran is dead and doesnt believe it, and

thinks that its vibhishan’s trap, assuming that its imposible that he defeated kumbhkaran and decides to go and check for himself. all are shocked to hear his

decision. they warn him against it, talking about the army’s enthusiasm, and if he goes alone, it might cause another wrong.

Disgused in a shroud, raavan walks on the lone roads, while rama and his team chant victoriously, surer of their success. vibhishan eyes kumbhkaran’s chopped head, and

is apalled, saying that he cant bear the pain, and the more he was close to sins, he went against rama. he says that this could have all been averted had he chosen the

right side, and the only satisfaction is that he got death by lord rama. rama tells his team leaders that kumbhkaran was highly strong and brave, and a devout brother,

and should be treated with respect, and given all final rites. hanuman is tensed about raavan’s reaction to this, but rama is adamant that he shouldnt be disrepected.

hanuman approves saying that this shall calm vibhishan down, and seeks permission to start preparations for the same. rama complies, and says that the first right

shall always be vibhishan and his family’s, and if they dont do it, then they shall do so with full dignity. meanwhile, hanuman and neel instintively feel someone’s

approaching presence and get alert. as they spot him, they think that raavan has sent someone in the night stealthily. they decide to attack him before he does.

hanuman wonders who could this be. he finds a striking resemblance in his personality and raavan’s. all aee shocked to hear this. hanuman says that maybe he came to

confirm raavan’s death. angad says that he might be perpetuating an attack. hanuman says that vibhishan is alone there, and might face an attack from an enraged

raavan. The screen freezes on raavan’s enraged face.


Precap: As raavan turns around to go, Hanuman asks him to atleast thank ram for his sympathy in letting him have a glimpse of kumbhkaran. enraged he turns around. raavan says

that those who seek sympathy, are cowards and he isnt one, and he shall prove to be their death when he comes in the battlefield. all eye him tensedly.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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