Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 29th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bali counters Sugriv. He is mayavi. Devrishi Narad had himself told me that this markat will be the reason of my doom. Sugriv refuses to let it happen. He tries to go inside but falls because of the effect of the holy thread. Bali recalls what had happened with him last time. He too jumps down to where Sugriv is.

Bali is cheat and cunning whereas Sugriv is very simple and pure hearted. How did he fell in that arrogant Bali’s trap? Shri Krishna replies that people see the world the way they are. Sugriv has a pure heart which is why he is my friend. The one who is a cheater and liar cannot get me ever. They think that they can fool everyone and do whatever they want to but in reality, they end up hurting himself only. Truth is, Sugriv is well praised by everyone till date whereas Bali still attracts everyone’s wrath / anger.

Bali laughs at his brother. I too had fallen like this before you, exactly from the same place. The soldiers hear some noise and come there to see if anyone is there. The brothers flee from there. They stealthily enter inside the palace when no one is at the door. They keep hiding on and off so the passer-bys don’t see them. Bal Hanuman is crawling on the floor after an apple. Sugriv yet again calls Bal Hanuman a calm and beautiful baby. We have walked around the entire palace still couldn’t see him anywhere! Bali gets irked. Call him Markat. He is our enemy. They turn the other way when Bal Hanuman crosses by from there while chasing the apple. They miss seeing him.

Kesari is in dangal (sorry for the typo error yesterday). There is some function (naming ceremony) tomorrow. Kesari continues to fight with his opponents and keeps guiding his commander who all to invite for the function tomorrow. He singlehandedly wins over all the 4-5 opponents. He adds the name of Kishkindha’s King and their sons, Bali and Sugriv. He says it real loud so the brothers inside the palace actually hear him. The brothers turn to look at the direction from where the voice was coming. They are certainly taken aback. They look out at the dangal site.

Rishi Shravani’s disciples come to meet Kesari. They present a Gada to him. Our Guru’s Guru had got this Gada after doing a very hard Tapasya. It is a very powerful Gada. Kesari wonders what a Tapasvi had to do with Gada. They explain that their Guru’s Guru had taken birth in Kshatriya Kul to fight with the Rakshasas but then he gave up on violence. This Gada was under Rishi Shravani’s protection since then. he was actually waiting for the rightful person who could be given this Gada. But unfortunately, he passed away two weeks ago. He had said it before his death that it can fall in the wrong hands if it stays in the Ashram. We have come to hand it over to you. He had said that you are the rightful caretaker of this Gada after killing Shambsadan Rakshas. Kesari wants to know who the actual owner is then. The disciple says the real owner of this Gada will ask for it from you and you will give it to him happily. Kesari says one cannot always understand what the Rishi’s say. The disciple adds that every secret is uncovered when its time. Kesari nods. What’s special in this Gada? Disciple says this Gada returns to his Swami after attacking someone. The opponent can be made of any strong element but it will break into pieces after coming in contact with it. Kesari gets intrigued. He tries to pick it up and lifts it up after a lot of difficulty. He tries all his might but fails. Bali and Sugriv are watching everything from a distance. Kesari throws it high in the sky. The Gada hits a mountain and water starts flowing from it. The Gada returns to where Kesari is. Everyone looks on with awe. Bali gets angry. This Tapasvi was a fool. He doesn’t know who the rightful owner of this Gada is. It should be with me in Kishkindha, with Bali the Geat!

Kesari is sure the Guru will be a very great warrior. I am thankful to you for this. How should I pay you back? Rishi’s ask him to continue protecting them from the Rakshasas like always. Kesari says this is my dharma and I will continue to do it. He tells his commander to gift 1k cows to the Rishi’s from his side. Be our guest for some days. The RIshi’s are overwhelmed by his kindness. They bless him and his family.

Bal Hanuman is about to eat the apple but Anjana returns on time. You can eat it after Anna-prashan. Bali and Sugriv are hide as they hear someone’s footsteps. Bali heads towards his room with his new Gada. He shows the Gada to Anjana. Bal Hanuman smiles seeing it. Kesari tells Anjana the speciality of this Gada. Bal Hanuman’s eyes are fixated on the Gada. Kesari notices the mess in the room. Who did all this? Anjana says don’t know who did it. These apples were kept on the bed side in a plate. He asks her if someone came in the room after she left. She denies. Only our son was here. How will he be able to reach out till there as he is merely 5 days old? He cannot even stand as of now. Kesari starts helping Anjana in picking up the apples. Bal Hanuman stands up on his feet and gives an apple to his mother. She takes it but then looks back in utter shock. She looks at Bal Hanuman and calls out for Kesari. Look here. Kesari too is stunned to see his son standing on his feet. Bali and Sugriv watch everything from outside the room.

Precap: Anjana and Kesari are surprised at their son’s growth. He is about to say that our son is literally Lord Shiva’s ansh but she stops him from saying it. She prays to Lord Shiva to bless their son always. Surgiv comes inside the room when it is just Bal Hanuman in the room.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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