Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th May 2015 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anajna offers fruits to Guru Brihaspati. Kesari keeps Bal Hanuman on the bed. Anjana turns to look at her son but he is not there. The parents get tensed upon seeing the empty bed. Where did he go? Anjana asks everyone present in the room if they have taken her son. He cannot be invisible. She panics. Everyone starts looking for the baby. They hear someone smiling / laughing. Little Hanuman is sitting behind the curtains. He has grown up a little. His hairs are longer than before and he is also crawling. Guru Brihaspati folds his hands in reverence. The parents look on spellbound. Anjana is crying with happiness when she picks him again. Little Hanuman wipes her tears and hugs his mother.

What eyes see and accept as truth is generally an illusion. Lord Shiva is omnipresent. He is in every corner, every little thing of the world. He lives inside every living and non-living thing. Air is the main reason for everyone’s survival. When this takes another form then it is actually no one else but Hanuman! There is nothing to wonder if he is called Sankatmochan, Mahabali, Vajrakaye in his childhood only. It is also nothing to wonder if people are mesmerised seeing his cute antics. He is very different after all.

Sugriv laughs at his brother’s idea. You have started holding grudges with little babies also? Bali angrily replies that that Markat is not an ordinary baby. He is full of powers. Sugriv says there are many Rakshasas around but they are not their enemy so why this baby? Bali asks him why is he not ready to understand his point. Will I doubt on someone for no reason? Sugriv denies. Bali asks him if they should continue to raise some poisonous baby just because he is a baby. If we think wisely then we should actually cut the roots of any such things when it is just budding. He can destroy us if we don’t do something to him. Sugriv wonders how his brother knows so much. Bali replies that Narad ji had himself informed him about the baby. Sugriv agrees to support him. I will kill that baby with my own hands to protect Kishkindha. I am ready to go with you. Bali decides to leave tomorrow morning itself.

Next morning, Anjana is singing shlokas while waking Bal Hanuman. He smiles happily at her. She hugs her son and continues to sing shlokas to him.

Bali and Sugriv hide as some soldiers pass from there. Sugriv wants to say something but Bali doesn’t let him speak. They are right outside Bal Hanuman’s room. Inside, Anjana is playing with her son. the brother peek inside. They hide when Bal Hanuman looks towards the window. Sugriv too smiles seeing Bal Hanuman’s smile. This baby is so sweet. I haven’t seen such a sweet baby before. Bali says this is our enemy. Sugriv points out that this baby is not an infant. It is approx 5-6 months old. Bali too gets thinking. How is this possible? He was born merely 5 days ago. Sugriv says someone else might be our enemy. He is so calm and provides peace to heart. Bali insists that this is the same baby. Bali the great cannot make such a mistake. Sugriv tries to say something but Bali continues to speak against Bal Hanuman. Sugriv finds Bal Hanuman really adorable.

A person cannot see truth even when it is before him if his mind and heart is not pure. He considers everyone else, who tries to explain the other logic to him, his enemy. It only leads to his destruction in the end. Bali continued to hate Hanuman all his life and spent his life roaming around the same way.

Dai Ma has brought food for Anjana. You will have to eat on Yuvraj’s behalf too till the time his Anna-prashan is done. Bal Hanuman picks up a piece of apple too but Anjana gives it to Dai Ma to eat. Bal Hanuman eyes the piece in Dai Ma’s hand. He sits down on his knees and tries to reach for the piece. Sugriv says this baby can crawl. Bali calls him mayavi. Dai Ma tells Bal Hanuman to get a little more older and then I will take you to the orchards so you can have lots of fruits. Anjana goes to take bath. She puts Bal Hanuman in a small bed. Bal Hanuman gets up as soon as his mother is gone. He excitedly looks at the plate full of apples.

Bali is irked that such a little baby wants to eat apples. Bal Hanuman crawls all the way till the bedside table where the plate is kept. He gets up as soon as he reaches there. Sugriv is surprised. He is really magical. Bal Hanuman hits the plate and drops all the apples on the floor. He sits down to pick one of the apples. Bali counters Sugriv. He is mayavi. Devrishi Narad had himself told me that this markat will be the reason of my doom. Sugriv refuses to let it happen.

Precap: Hanuman ji has grown up real fast. Some Rishi’s gift him a gada. He is in a dangal. He wins over all his 4-5 opponents. He calls out for Bali and Sugriv. The brothers turn to look at him.

Update Credit to: Pooja

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