Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 28th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Sumeru
As Rishi Saamvrat throws the cursed waters at him, he gets terribly disturbed, as he experiences severe discomfort, while rishi angiras is overwhelmed. anjani and kesri are apalled and distraught, as they watch helplessly along with the others, the plight of their son. hanuman transforms into this gigantic avatar, while he remembers all the superpowers that he got as a boon, from the various lords. he starts getting restless, and frantic, as one by one, all the boons and superpowers are stripped off him, and he starts diminishing in size. As hanuman weakens up and goes on the ground, h falls down unconscious and doesnt wake up at all. an apalled anjani asks the rishi what wrong did her innocent son do to face this severe punishment. rishi Angiras too talks to Sammvrat saying that he doesnt realise what he just did. Rishi angiras makes him try and realise what sin he just committed, and he understands what has happened and is apalled. rishi angiras also talks about the devotion that made even lord rama come and taste the bhog from his hands, and how he cursed that great devotee, hanuman. rishi reprimands saam saying that he could attain the power to give boon or curse, but couldnt develop the will and maturity to understand the implications and that he has misused his powers, and he shall have to pay for it. they are all shocked. Rishi Angiras rushes to the temple, and then takes the water from his commandal, and then prepares to curse Rishi Saamvrat, who humbly accepts it, as he is cursed that he wont be able to stablilise himself at any place and shall always keep wondering like his heart and that he shall never attain salvation. all are aghast, while saamvrat is highly apologetic and repentant of what he did. he says that he deserves it, and shall take it as a penance, and without knowing the truth, he misunderstood hanuman’s bravery for his arrogance, and that he deserves what he got, and his own father did the right thing. anjani apologises and speaks that he too di exactly the same what his son did, and cursed Saamvrat. Rishi Angiras, says that this isnt anger, but justice. they are tensed. he says that he has punished Saamvrat for his sin. kesri says that he wouldnt get his powers back like this, and that he got cursed only because he was doing his order. they try and nudge him awake but he lies unconscious in anjani’s arms, who is distraught. rishi angiras says that whatever happened isnt becoming, but with the problem, arrives the solution. they beg and ask him whats it, and that they are ready to give away everything, to get back hanuman and lift the curse from him. Rishi says that he understands a mother’s pain, but asks them not to worry, as hanuman shall revive back similarly, like he was before the curse. they are enthused and hopeful. he thrn turns tensedly towards saamvrat and tells him that he made a grave mistake, and he shall have to rectify it only. he says that he shall have to take back the curse. but Saamvrat says that this isnt possible, as it had been a possibility, he would have immediately done so. rishi says that he knows as its Brahma’s rule, but the curse can be lessened in magnitude. hanuman’s family is apalled. Saamvrat confronts rishi angiras, and then goes upto hanuman, who lies unconscious in his mother’s lap, and then again takes waters from his vessel, and proclaims that when Lord Rama needs help, and some great man, helps hanuman remember his lost glory of powers, then hanuman’s all powers shall be revived back. they are relieved and happy, and that he shall be lifted from the curse as well. when he throws the water at hanuman, they wait for it to start showing effect. they are apalled. she breaks down saying that he has to wake up anyhow. he seems to be reviving back and they are pleased.

Scene 2:
Location: Dwarka
Krishna explains to the wives that everyone wants powers, but with great power come great responsibility, this should br eemembered, and patience, and maturity is very essential to be able to live that power justifiably. he says that hanuman wouldnt have been cursed, had rishi saamvrat acted with patience. he says that even hanuman made a mistake, even if it was oblivious. one of the wives says that it didnt need such severe punishment. he says that a mistake is a mistake, and its punishable, be it intentional or unintentional. he says that maybe hanuman had ulterior motives, but due to hanuman’s mistake, the yagna was interrupted, and says that therefore a person has to be alert before doing anyting and he got such a severe punishment, only because he wasnt alert.

Scene 3:
Location: Sumeru
Hanuman wakes up, and then identifies his parents, and asks his parents whats the matter as they seem incredibly tensed. he says that he feels very weak and spent and exhausted. he then sees him and feebly speaks to Rishi Angiras, that he had been allotted some task by him, while rishi and others are apalled. he wonders whats happened to him, as he cant seem to rememebr anything. rishi angiras is apalled to see this. they are overwhelmed emotionally to see him like this. Rishi saamvrat is incredibly guilty of what he did. Rishi angiras says that even he is to be blamed, as he cant see hanuman like this, and then says to saamvrat that he shall leave with him too. they both apologise profusely, to his parents, incredibly embarassed and mortified with embarassment. they bless hanuman galore for his future life. Kesri says that it had to happen, which parents couldnt have changed, nor the Rishis could have averted it. Rishi blesses them all, while hanuman gets up somehow helped by his parents. he folds his hands, and is boggled, as he greets them all with reverance. they bless him together, apalled at what they did.

Scene 4:
Location: Heaven
Indra is apalled at the way hanuman has been treated and that he cant see this happening. the lord, who is his father is apalled too and says that he cant bear this as a father to see the plight of the son. all the lord’s discuss as to how hanuman has always proven helpful to them, and yet today he stands helpless, even after walking on the path of religion and justice. they are distraught and unable to digest, how weak and feeble he stands today. they say that hanuman has always helped them someway or the other, and now its their duty to help hanuman recover from this. Naarad comes and tells Indra, that he shall have to get th powers back, to fulfill his motive. he reiterates what the lords just advocated. Indra says that only Lord Shiva can show them the right path, as to what can they do for Lord Hanuman.

Scene 5:
Location: Sumeru
While anjani and kesri pray to the lord with hanuman, he asks them what happened, but they distract him asking him not to waste his time, and instead focus on the future, as he has full faith, that he shall definitely decide on something, as the Lord Shiva reicarnates before them. they watch from aove. The screen freezes on Hanuman’s face.

Precap: Lord Shiva looks at hanuman and proclaims that if anyhow he can be brought to him, then he shall definitely be able to do something to redeem hanuman. a rabbit distracts Hanuman and he gets to chasing the rabbit, until it finally leads him to lord shiva, seeing whom he is overwhelmed.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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