Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 26th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

the episode starts with pushkar and hanuman going together as the horse runs ahead of them. Different kingdoms come under lord ram’s rule and hanuman puts the flag of ayodhya in the kingdoms. Shatrugana is on a horse and comes with the army from behind. As they go ahead, a mountain appears and a valley below it. the horse now heads towards the valley and is in danger. Shatrugana says that looks bad. pushakr says this will end the ashva medha yga and I have to save th horse. hanuman flies and stands at the end of the road and stops the horse in time. The horse is saved. Shatrugana and pushkar come. Shatruagan says hanuman ji I think everyone should rest now and the horse should too, the soldiers are also tired and it will be night in sometime. Hanuman says yes shatrugana. Hanuman says pushkar take the horse to a safe place and protect it. pushkar says hanuman ji, I did not listen to you a lot of times and I have learned a lot from you. how to not stay in ego and how to keep calm your anger and be intelligent at all times. I thank you for teaching me a lot of things. Hanuman says no pushkar, I thank you as I could teach you all this. Pushkar says hanuman ji, I am grateful to have come with you and I will do my duty of protecting the horse. hanuman smiles.
There in the forest, in a hut, a rishi is teaching his students about the ram granth in his hand and tells this ram granth is very important and holy. We are all disciples of lord ram and his beliefs. This ram granth gives us information on all of lord ram’s beliefs. Rishi says now I will keep this ram granth here and protect it with this boundary made by me, only lord ram’s true disciples can step into this boundary and get access to the granth and no evil can touch it. from behind a window, a demon sees this and says I will take that ram granth with me at night as it seems it is very important.
In forest, at night, hanuman is meditating and saying lord ram’s name. suddenly hanuman hears lord ram saying hanuman, your help is needed. Hanuman opens his eyes and says I heard lord ram’s voice and why would lord ram need my help? He is himself the form of lord Vishnu and even if evil touched him it would turn to dharma. Hanuman then says now I understand, lord ram’s disciple may be in trouble and so he called me. I have to save lord ram’s disciple from trouble and it is my dharma to do so. I need to find out who it is first in this vast jungle. Hanuman searches the jungle and then sees the rishi with his students, he stands behind the tree and listens. The rishi says I know how that demon stole the ram granth. Students say don’t worry rishi and we shall do something. Rishi says there is no way, after we all went I came out and started meditating but then I heard the sound of someone inside the hut. When I went in no one was there so I came back out, but by mistake from my leg, one cut was made in the boundary. The demon slipped his hands through that cut and took the ram granth. But I saw him and stopped him and said I will give you a curse if you don’t give me the ram granth back and no one will be able to save you from me. But the demon gulped the ram granth and took it in his stomach and said now attack me and I have the ram granth inside me, you cannot curse me. I couldn’t do anything and the demon went, all my life’s goal is gone and my faithfulness to lord ram is nothing now. I hoped hanuman could be here as he can bring back the ram granth but he is busy in lord ram’s work and he cannot be called here. Student says rishi that demon was from uttari mountains and now he has gone. Hanuman listens and says it is my dharma to save the ram granth and save a lord ram disciple. I have to bring back the granth. Hanuman flies searching the forest and then stops, he says how do I find that demon? I shall say the name of lord ram for help, hanuman says jai shree ram and the ground shines and then the trees start shining leading to a direction. Hanuman sees and says yes lord ram’s granth has shown the direction to the demon. Hanuman sees and says that cave has the most shine and I think the demon is inside the cave. Hanuman goes outside the cave and stands and says yes they are all here, inside the demons are laughing as the other demons praise their king who gulped the ram granth. Hanuman says I should go in and goes in. the demons listen and walk towards hanuman and stop him. They says monkey why have you come here? Hanuman sees there are many demons and thinks how do I recognize who has eaten the ram granth and here I have to use intelligence. Hanuman says I have come here to meet the asur who gulped the ram granth and I want his blessings please. Hanuman then looks at one demon and says I thinks its you as you look so strong, the demon looks down. Prathmasur who gulped the ram granth thinks why didn’t he recognize me as I am stronger than them all. Hanuman looks at more 2 demons and says you also look strong and maybe its you. the demons look down. Prathmasur comes ahead and says monkey it is me who gulped the ram granth. Hanuman sees and says oh that is why your stomach is huge. Hanuman says now I request you to return back the ram granth and what you did was not right. Demon says what? Why will I do that? go away and I will not give the ram granth. Hanuman says I request you to give it once more, hanuman steps back and says jai shree ram and becomes huge. The demons get scared but not prathmasur. Prathmasur says I am not scared from you, hanuman says this is a warning and I wont say again. hanuman punches prathmasur’s stomach but hanuman is rebounded and thrown back. Hanuman punches again but is thrown back. Hanuman then becomes normal sized and with his tail Sakha he ties the demon and tries squeezing him but nothing happens. Prathamasur says go away monkey and I am not just an ordinary demon, I will conquer this world so go and alert the rest of the world. The demons turn back and go to sit. Hanuman thinks this demon has become powerful because of the ram granth in his stomach, its no use fighting with the demon with the ram granth inside and I have to find another way.
There rishi tells his student that if he doesn’t get the ram granth back then he will be depressed and will leave his body forever, student says don’t worry rishi we will get it back.
There hanuman understand and he becomes small sized. As the demons sit and serve prathmasur, hanuman goes and sits on the shoulder of a demon and then sits on his moustache. Demon slaps himself and then hanuman enters prathmasur’s body through his ear. Demon says it was a fly. Other demons laugh. Suddenly prathmasur gets up and says the fly has come in my body, inside hanuman goes through demon’s throat inside the stomach. Prathmasur says my stomach I don’t feel good and the fly is inside me, do something, I want the fly out. Hanuman inside says as evil these demons look from outside, their bodies are just as evil from inside and dirty. Hanuman sees the ram granth and says there it is, hanuman takes the ram granth and then says how do I get out now? The ram granth is huge and it wont come out from the ears. A demon comes to prathmasur and says take this water medicine and it can kill the fly. Pathmasur takes and is about to drink. Inside hanuman thinks from where to come out.

Precap: hanuman dances with the rishi on ram siya ram song as they all pray. In sky, nikumbh says let hanuman be busy in ram’s prayers here I will wake up my brothers. Nikumbh says get up brother demons get up.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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