Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 25th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ram saying ravana today this war will be over and the decision will be made that religion will win and iniquity will lose. Ram says today I promise if my and hanuman’s leg goes back even 1 step I will accept defeat. Ravana laughs and says doesn’t matter if you step back but you will die that’s for sure and from my hands. Hanuman says the one you are calling a forest liver, your sons and brothers and army died from his and his warriors hands so today you will die from the hands of this forest resident and your body will be at his feet because ego is what will defeat you. ravana laughs and says I will destroy your army and you too monkey and your forest lord. Ravana takes his bow and then prays and says indra dev’s agniastra appear. It appears and ravana takes and attacks the agni astra which removes huge storms and rain and lightning from which the enemy will die. Lightning falls and storms come.
Lord ram removes the vayu astra which removes huge storms of wind and tornadoes that destroy the enemy and his attack. The vayu astra removes tornadoes and the attack is tackled and neutralized. Ravana is shocked. Lord ram says today you can fight with iniquity ravana and even tara devi is not here to stop you. Ravana now removes the amrit astra which was made in amrit by devi and it goes toards the army. Ravana says this will destroy the entire army of monkeys and you itself. Lord ram removes chatur astra and attacks the weapon, it stops, ravana laughs and says it wont stop so easily. The weapon starts rotating and ravana says its been made from amrit so it cannot be destroyed. The weapon attacks bolts towards the army of monkeys and they get injured. Everyone is scared and sugreeva says soldiers stay alert and its still attacking us. Lord ram attacks another arrow but nothing happens and the bolts still fall on the army. Laxman says if brother am did not make a promise I would have used my weapons and power, vibhishan says but that weapon has been made from amrit and it cannot be easily destroyed. Hanuman looks in the sky and sees it is moving and thinks ravana has definitely called someone for his help and something is coming and I have to do something. Ravana then attacks a bolt from his powers toards lord ram and the amrit astra goes towards the army, lord ram says hanuman go and protect the army and I am fine here. Hanuman says no lord I cannot leave you alone without a chariot and ravana will again take advantage of the height and injure you. hanuman says lord I feel something is coming from the sky and ravana has called help. Lord ram says don’t worry and protect the army and I will take ravana. Hanuman thinks what should I do? And how shall I leave lord ram alone? And I have to protect my army too and then there is something coming from the skies and vibhishan, sugreeva, etc are in trouble. Lord ram says go hanuman. The weapons heads towards the army and bolt towards lord ram. The amrit astra goes and vibhisha holds it for protecting the army.
In heaven, Narayan says everyone in lord ram’s army is sacrificing their life and even vibhishan is holding back the amrit astra, vayu dev says but vibhishan cannot hold it back for much long and hanuman has to help them. Indra dev says I have a solution for hanuman’s problem.
Hanuman there thinks what should I do? Ravana’s bolt is coming toards lord ram and the army, he says this bolt will destroy everyone. Lord ram removes a weapon and then tells hanuman that you have to go hanuman as vibhishan cannot hold it back for much long and don’t worry hanuman today I wont let ravana and his power win. Lord ram attacks his arrow and it hits the bolt. The weapon is destroyed. Suddenly a white chariot comes towards lord ram, everyone says what is that? It is the divya rath and everyone say it’s the divya rath of lord indra. Hanuman says so lord indra sent his chariot so that I can help the army and you can use the chariot and battle ravana. Ravana thinks I have to teach a lesson to indra dev too and I will destroy this chariot before it is used by lord ram. Ravana removes a bolt. The one who flies the chariot says lord ram, indra dev has sent this chariot for your help but he wont help in the war but his chariot is been offered. Lord ram says I accept the offer. Vibhishan says I cannot hold this weapon any longer and its powerful, vibhishan throws it back, weapons come back and attacks bolts towards the army and more are injured. Lord ram tells hanuman go now and they need your help. Ravana throws the bolt towards the divya rath of lord indra.

Precap: the army of ugradrishtam and his brother is there and vibhishan says this is the army of demon brother ugradrishtam. Ravana laughs and says now this army will kill everyone of you. hanuman throws the amrit astra towards the demon army.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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