Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th January 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with ravana In his palace and ravana says today is war and what if mandodari gets scared again. Ravana goesand sees mandodari decorating his chariot for war and ravana thinks I am proud of mandodari.
There lord ram is put his sheet on his shoulder by hanuman and given bow arrow and the tilak on forehead. Ravana is ready and mandodari does the tilak. Hanuman there does pranam and says lord I am very happy today. Ram says I always see you happy hanuman and what is special today? Hanuman says today you got the blessings of suryadev and even ravana will know what is the power of the blessings of suryadev. There ravana is put tilak and ravana thinks its nice today mandodari’s hands are not shivering. Mandodari keeps the Pooja plate and ravana says mandodari before I go I want to hug you, ravana opens his arms and mandodari hugs ravana. Mandodari thinks how should I show you my pain living with this that this can be your last hug. Mandodari says lord it feels like old times have come here. Ravana says yes, mandodari says then why don’t you return sita? Ravana gets angry and pushes her back and says no!! suddenly an eagle comes and throws a dead snake in front of them and goes. Mandodari is shocked and thinks a dead snake in front of the palace is a bad sign and ravana will lose and now how do I show my pain and that I am scared so much but whatever happens I wont show that I am scared and will keep it in my heart. Ravana says mandodari see your ravana will win today and come back to you, mandodari smiles and says yes lord I trust you. ravnaa goes and walks past the snake. Mandodari is worried.
There hanuman tells lord ram that see he will win today. Lord smiles and he walks towards the battle field.
There ravana sits in his mayavi chariot and the chariot runs towards the battlefield. Mandodari sees the sweet curd and says this dead snake here gave bad sign and I forgot to give lord sweet curd and how could I get back from my religion of being a wife. Mandodari sits and cries.
In heaven lord Shankar tells parvati that a wife always shares the happiness, sadness and pain of her husband and mandodari did do her religion of being a wife. Parvati says yes but ravana did not live upto being a husband and he always insulted mandodari and insulted all women so he will suffer for his sins.
There ravana is coming in his chariot and an old man is walking by, ravana says I wont stop and goes on. The old man gets hurt and is pushed aside. Ravana goes one ahead. Old man says from behind you did not stop even after seeing an old man and I curse you for disrespecting someone so much in your ego. Ravana laughs and goes ahead. The old man gets up and turns into shani dev, it was shani dev. Shani dev says to himself I was waiting here for you ravana and I knew ravana would not stop and now you will suffer for your attitude and ego from raghuvanshi ram.
There hanuman hears ravana’s chariot and says I can hear ravana’s chariots sound but what is this other sound from the sky? And there Is something else. Higher up in the sky, there are 2 black demons laughing. One says yes brother we haven’t participated in this war since the start, other says yes brother. One’s name is urjadrishti and te other says brother urjadrishti now its time for us to help ravana and he is all alone now and ravana made us the swami of the skies and we will help him and anyway we have the power granted that once we touch land we will be invincible and no one can defeat us so we can help ravana. Their army is there and everyone laugh. Both brothers say so soldiers we will help ravana and go now. Everyone give evil laugh. One brother says don’t forget brother that we are helping ravana only for our advantage so that once he wins we will rule lanka with ravana forever. Both laugh.
There ravan reaches his main gate of lanka and stops and says today I will not go out from here and this gate will open only when I will return victorious. Ravana says I will go from another way.
There hanuman says to himself I should be alert as if something will come from the sky. Suddenly the sky trembles and everyone see what is coming? Hanuman tells ram it feels like something is coming and all birds are going here and there. The sky opens into 10 portals and 10 ravana’s come in chariots. Vibhishan says see this is the mayavi power of ravana and I knew today ravana will come with all his power and might. Ravana is smiling in his chariot. vibhishan says ravana will fight with his own powers today and not someone else’s. vibhishan is sad. Hanuman becomes big and takes ram on shoulder and stands.
Ravana merges into one and comes in his chariot and stops in sky and says see ravana has come and today we both will fight with out power and I will kill you and make an end to everyone you have. Ram says you walk on the path of iniquity and I will destroy iniquity and your end is today.

Precap: lord ram says ravana you can battle today according to your wish. Ravana removes a red arrow and says I will show what I can do when I wish to. Ravana attacks and says now you cant do anything ram.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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