Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th April 2017 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 24th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with hanuman pushkar and shatrugan walking ahead together and they stop. Son chitrang of king subahu then beats his drums and laughs cunningly. The army starts marching backwards. Pushkar says I think they are making a new strategy. Hanuman sees and understands and says pushkar stay cautious and they are making a new strategy. Pushkar says I will go and kill chitrang. Hanuman says no pushkar stop. Pushkar says hanuman ji I have my arrow and on it I can break this strategy and directly enter inside to kill king subahu. Pushkar attacks his arrow and steps on it, the arrows goes as pushkar attacks the soldiers ahead of him. Hanuman and shatrugan start going forward to help pushkar, but suddenly vichatra attacks his spell on shatrugan and hanuman. they both are thrown back to the same place. Hanuman says if I don’t reach there to help pushkar then he will b in trouble and my dream will come true.
There pushkar stops as son chitrang is standing with his huge drum. Chitrang gives cunning smile. Puhskar says I will defeat you, you devil. Chitrang laughs and says just look around you kid. Pushkar sees and the army has formed an eagle strategy and covered pushkar inside a circle. Chitrang says before you say anything my soldiers will kill you and it is impossible to get out of this trap now. Pushkar thinks it is the dharma of a warrior to turn the impossible into possible. Pushkar attacks his arrows on soldiers and kills them as they move forward. Hanuman there thinks what should I do and I have to get in there. Pushkar then says this arrow of mine will reduce the enemy’s power a bit, pushkar attacks his weapon out of which many arrows come and many soldiers in line are killed. Hanuman smiles. Chitrang is angry.
There daman says I will fight you shatrugan and not let you near that kid, no one will go to the kid. Daman removes his sword and fights shatrugana as shatrugana fights daman with his weapons. Hanuman is fighting with vichitra who attacks hanuman with his dangerous spells. King subahu laughs and says till my sons and I are here no one will conquer our kingdom and I will not allow that ram’s rule here. In the sky nikumbh laughs and says see how my thought changed other’s thoughts and their thoughts have affected their soldiers too because I have used deep mayavi powers on king subahu and his sons.
On ground chitrang says I will only fight you pushkar now, chitrang thinks this kid is not any ordinary warrior but I will kill him. Daman says my brother chitrang has the power equal to kumbhkaran and he will kill your nephew easily. Hanuman says kumbhkaran was killed by lord ram and pushkar is lord ram’s nephew, he will kill your brother too. Pushkar fights with chitrang and then chitrang throws a weapon on pushkar and says kid this weapon of mine will not leave you and you will die now. Pushkar jumps as the weapon comes near him and kicks it, pushkar falls down. The weapon hits chitrang and he falls down and then hits the soldiers, some die. Chitrang gets up and says that’s enough angrily, I will kill you now. Chitrang picks the drum and throws it on pushkar. Pushkar is in trouble but there shatrugan sees this and says no I have to save pushkar and nothing shall happen to him, as he is distracted daman holds shatrugana. Hanuman has been tied by a spell of vichitra, hanuman thinks what to do now? He says what do I do and pushkar is in trouble. Hanuman then throws his gadha and it hits the drum, the drum falls on soldiers and they die. Hanuman takes back his gadha. Shatrugana says pushkar got saved in time by hanuman ji and he is great. Shatrugana says now see daman what I will do. Shatrugana hits damna and punches him, then throws him on ground and with sword shatrugan is going to kill daman but stop[s the sword on daman’s neck. There pushkar gets up and then punches chitrang who falls down and brings his sword on chitrang. King subahu sees and says no! till I am here nothing will happen to my sons. There vichitra uses his spell and says hanuman! this spell is my green poisonous spell and now you will go forever, vichitra throws spell on hanuman and hanuman starts fainting, vichitra with another spell opens a hole and hanuman starts falling inside. In heaven, all gods say that without hanuman it will be difficult for shatrugana and pushkar to win the war. Lord Shankar says hanuman in childhood perfect and took control over the poison and nothing will happen to him, he will come back and save everyone.
There vichitra then attacks spells on both shatrugana and pushkar after seeing his brothers in difficulty, the spell ties shatrugana and pushkar.

Precap: hanuman is going down in the hole. There king subahu and his sons make a circle and they all start hitting pushkar and pushing and kicking him.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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