Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 23rd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
Vibhishan continues to tell them the story as to how while raavan and vibhishan were meditating for lord brahma’s blessings along with kumbhkarana, brahma grants them their wish. but when kumbhkaran is about to ask for his wish, laxmi comes and sits on his tongue and instead of making him proclaim for the lord’s heavens, he asks for induced sleep instead. brahma grants it, saying that he shall sleep for six months and wake up, for a day only to eat, and if he is awaken before his due term, then it shall be a threat to his life. he also tells that raavan knew it, but still for the fulfillment of his selfish motive. he woke kumbhkaran prematurely, for fighting in tomorrow;’s war, and now it remains to be seen which and whose side she chooses. Kumbhkaran meanwhile confronts raavan and asks why did he choose this path as he is utterly wrong, and anyone in rama’s place would have done the same. he reminds him of the heinous crime he committed by abducting sita, despite knowing the true nature of shurpanakha, for whose revenge he started this all. raavan asks him not to lecture and stop preaching him, as he is the elder brother. kumbhkaran tells him that he has to tell him wher he goes wrong, if he does so. raavan asks him to stop siding with his enemy, and rushes inside. kumbhkaran stops him, and says that he may have taken the wrong path, but he himself shall always be on the right path and thats to follow the elder brother’s orders. he proclaims that he shall go and kill rama and his army, and asks him to be assured that tomorrow’s sunrise, shall bring doom to rama, as he shall take his blessingsand go. angad and others discuss as to how they shall fight, if he comes tomorrow. hanuman says that they have the solution to that and asks them not to worry

The next day, hanuman and his team wait in anticipation of kumbhkaran, with renewed enthusiasm and vigour, while he rushes to lord ravana to seek blessings and gets them too. raavan smirks at the way kumbhkaran is ready. he eyes the huge demonic army, and asks if raavan doubts his capacity to singlehandedly win the war and defeat rama. he denies and says that they are meant to rssonate the victory cries. raavan reminds him that he needs to get only sugriva, as that would indicate his victory. he asks his brothers also to go with him, so that he can remind him the true motive of being there and use weapons that his soldiers have if need be. he says that he doesnt trust kumbhkaran as he can dose off even in battlefield, and then also if he is awake, then he might taste the blood of monkeys and get busy in eating them, distracted by his true motive. they scarefully comply. after they leave, raavan guffaws, saying that today the war shall end. The monkeys are tensed of the uncertain future. meanwhile, from inside, he eyes them thinking that its child’s play for him. they pray the victory bugle, and hanuman and others are baffled, why so early. vibhishan says that its shows raavan’s over confidence. hanuman says that he can be happy for all he wants, but the truth is that righteiusness always triumphs over the wrong sins. Kumbhkaran arrives in the battlefield finally, and all are petrified seeing his grand stature. he addresses vibhishan and all get tensed. sugriva advises him not to go, as it seems like an enraged imminent threat to life. hanuman however says that he should definitely go and by going on being beckoned, he should go and try and get kumbhkaran to switch sides, as he listens to his brother. vibhishan says that being his younger brother, he has the right to suggest him the path of righteousness. he comes and confronts kumbhkaran. hanuman begs for permission to go with vibhishan, so that when things get worse he can handle them. vibhishan comes and extends his greetings to kumbhkaran, who extends out his palm for him to step on. Kumbhkarana has vibhishan in his palms and all get incredibly tensed as to whats to follow. but to their contrary, he tells him that he is indeed lucky, to be on the righteous path, and asks him to stay on that only. Vibhishan asks him also to leave the road to sin and take up the religious road, and that everyone should take up the choice to choose between the right and wrong. all are tensed as he starts thinking. he states that he has to follow his elder’s brother’s orders, and that its not a matter of right or wrong, and he shall always be with him, till the time of death. vibhishan says that he is his brother too. kumbhkaran says thats why he called him here so that when they next meet, he shall not be his brother but his enemy. all eye him tensedly, while vibhishan is tensed. after he places him down, kumbhkaran picks up his gada and places a blow on the ground, shaking them all up terribly. the monkeys start scurrying around, and everyone gets tensed. sugriva thinks that if he isnt stopped, they shall be defeated. laxman complies, saying that the monkeys are losing their self confidence, and they have to act immediately. rama asks them to wait for the right time, as one hand, monkeys are scurrying away, and on the other, he is progressing towards his own death by following this path and shall definitely die, as noone shall escape death who does wrong, from this battlefield. they listen as he guffaws loudly. The screen freezes on his, rama and hanuman’s faces.


Precap: kumbhkaran starts gulping down monkeys for his hunger. he says that this isnt war but a feast for him. when hanuman holds his hand, he gets enraged and asks who has the guts to do so. hanuman is angry. he says that he wont let him eat up another monkey. kumbhkaran asks if he plans to stop him. hanuman swears that he shall save every monkey who leis in his stomach.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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