Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd November 2016 Written Episode Update

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Sankatmochan Mahabali Hanuman 22nd November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on


Scene 1:
Location: Lanka
Hanuman starts imagining that he has demons under his arms, but then reminds that he is here for mere info, and gets to that work. MEanwhile, the demons try

everything, right from loud noise to other stuff, to awaken kumbhkaran. but he doesnt budge at all. the brothers of raavan are scared that he might wake up and eat

them up only. finally he does wake up and scares them all away, as they scurry around. hanuman tensedly watches this. he eyes food and starts gorging on it like a

hungry animal. the demons along with raavan’s brothers are amused as he seems to be in a nice mood, having gotten his food. hanuman is tensed to see him gorging live

animals. raavan’s brothers summon for more food. the soldiers tell him that nothing remains. they are oredered to go to the garden and get all fruits. they are

petrified. he gets enraged when they dont find anymore food. the brothers are distraught wondering what to do next. he then eyes the demons and reprimands them for

waking him up, before time, and not serving enough food. he takes a handful of demons, and then is about to gorge them down, but the brothers inform him of lanka’s

troubles. he places the demons back, and then hears as the brothers’ narrate out the emergency raavan and lanka are in. he gets enraged. Hanuman notices him, and

thinks that he shall cause grave danger to his army. kumbhkarana ensures that he wont let that happen, as he would turn the enemies into dust.

Scene 2
Location: Ram’s shed
While rama and others are tensed as to whats raavan’s next strategy, hanuman returns and then narrates to them about kumbhkaran and his grand body. As kumbhkaran’s

voice resonates in lanka, they are all alarmed. vibhishan says that for the fulfillment of his motive, raavan woke him up, earlier, and this is who they shall meet

tomorrow at the battlefront. he portrays him as invincible. he talks about his great hunger since childhood, right from the earth till the skies, and then aims for the

sun even. he gulps it down too, along with the moon. the lords are tensed and upset, as to how he shall have the entire universe in his abdomen. vibhishan says that he

was about to approach the moon when the child is asked to stop by indra. he is enraged, as he says that he is here to stop him. kumbhkaran meanwhile has his eyes on

the elephant. indra beckons his vajra, but by then, the child has the elephant by the horns. indra places him a blow. but the child outsmarts and indra had to leave


Scene 3:
Location: Lanka
MEanwhile, kumbhkaran arrives in raavan’s royal palace. raavan comes to hurriedly meet him. He asks raavan as to who is it due to which he had to be woken up, and how

he shall kill them all. raavan says thats exactly whats intended. As raavan enumerates what all, rama, hanuman and his army have done, trying to instigate kumbhkaran,

into fighting for his brother, he shocks raavan by saying that rama did the right thing. The screen freezes on his enraged face.


Precap: Kumbhkarana has vibhishan in his palms and tells him that he is indeed lucky, to be on the righteous path, and asks him to stay on that only. Vibhishan asks

him also to leave the road to sin and take up the religious road, and that everyone should take up the choice to choose between the right and wrong. all are tensed as

he starts thinking.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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